Skinate’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFBO

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

Hello all! I’ve been in the IFATC recruiting process for quite some time now, and I decided it would be a good idea to start a tracking thread for some extra practice alongside training.

I’ll post a reply to this topic 1-2 hours in advance and change the title to announce that I am controlling.

Next airport:




Planned next opening:



  • I am currently doing parallel runway operations, with transitions, pattern work, runway changes, etc… I need to work on runway changes quite a bit, so that’s something that would be nice to do if more than 1 person joins.

  • If you want to be notified when I’m open, please set this topic to “watching” or let me know in the replies

  • I think this is kind of obvious, but avoid coming in a plane bigger than an A320/737-800

Have a great day/night!


Feel free to tag me on your next! I will try to make it. (Depends if I’m sleeping or working)

Feel free to tag me next time you open!

You can ping me as well :D

Feel free to tag me next time you open

@Ashton_Earhart @Armthnn @Robin3 @Levi_Park
Will do!


Tag me in future sessions

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Opening in 45 minutes! I will tag you all later. Sorry for the short notice, something came up.

@Ashton_Earhart @Armthnn @Levi_Park @Alexbg29

opening in 10!

I am now open, feel free to join if you want! runways 26s are in use.

Closed, thanks @Robin3 for coming!

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If you want anyone else at your next session, feel free to tag me :D

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Hi Waffs! How are you?


Heya! I’m good ty. :D

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@Ashton_Earhart @Waffs @Armthnn @Robin3 @Levi_Park @Alexbg29 I am opening at 2000Z at LFBO!

Roger, I’ll be there! :D

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Amazing, thanks!

Can´t be there unfortunately because of the AFKLM Flyout

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Same, really sorry

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tag me i’m down :)

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