Skilled Pilot vs. Strong Crosswinds

In the video we see a TUI Boeing 757 make a difficult landing in a strong crosswind.

USA today reports that the strong winds came from storm callum that hit Britain a week ago

I must say this was a nicely executed landing - but imagine being a passenger on the right side of the cabin and see the runway ;)

Video below



I am the only one that is ticked about the thumbnail on the link showing a TUI B738?


Oh gosh that was probably terrifying for the passengers (especially those who could see the runway out the window), that pilot is really skilled, I commend him!

I am intrigued by this pilots capability to land under those weather conditions. That pilot deserves alot of respect. Crosswind landings especially in those high gusts I would think are very difficult to land.

At least they disclosed it haha


Agreed, it must have been exciting for those that understand it though! Haha

Have you ever had to land in similar circumstances, or does the captain take control in these instances @BennyBoy_Alpha?

I know that it may be scary and all, but why the heck is the media making so much attention out of this?

I’m pretty sure that crosswind landings where the plane is flying “sideways” happen all the time. After all, it’s what the pilots train for. It’s not like this is some extreme crash landing or even an emergency at all.

For example, what about all the other planes landing at that airport during that same time frame? I can’t imagine the winds went down to zero two minutes after the TUI landed. But somehow, the TUI plane is the only one you’ll hear about.

Although, I guess this crosswind landing was performed exceptionally well, compared to some other crosswind landings on YouTube…


FYI the pilot was a woman. From a comment on the YouTube video:

From TUI: “We’re very proud of TUI Airways Captain Brenda Riepsaame Wassink,” It said the landing in adverse weather conditions showcased “how highly skilled and well trained our TUI Airways pilots are.” Wassink, 35, joined TUI in 2005, becoming a captain in 2017. She was piloting flight TOM6561 from Menorca, Spain to Bristol when she completed her landing."


That is just unbelievable. She just did that no problem! That’s all my respect off to her. 👍🏻

Kudos to the pilot - great landing. She receives all of my respect!

Hehehe whoops :)

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Bristol Airport offers challenging flying conditions anyway so the pilots flying here really have to be at the top of their game.

nothing is as challanging as landing in at EGNM ( leed bradford international).

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Haha “sideways landing”

Fr tho, that was pretty cool to watch!

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That is skillful.

40KTS crosswind? Hmmmm. Just saying. I definitely looks it, and if it is? I do not have a type rating in a 757-2 but I believe the max crosswind is 30KTS for that aircraft. Any seven five pilots on IF that can confirm?

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