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Hi, I would like to know how can improve my skills to be ATC. I failed two test, Thanks.

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Check the Infinite Flight YouTube Channel and there will be some tutorials on ATC. These will greatly help you and improve your skills.

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Go to Infinite Flight’s Youtube channel to browse tutorials on everything you need to know about ATC. I did.

As previously mentioned, watching the tutorial videos will be critical for you as a inspiring ATC.

I also recommend joining the ATCEG, which is a group that helps aspiring ATC controllers with their craft. A link to the group is here,


Agreed. ATCEG will hone your skills. I’ve been a member for about a week. I have flown when others in the group are training, just like they will fly when I’m training. They will throw everything at you from runway changes, transitions, go-around and will manufacture conflicts to force you to think quick. I’ve found myself getting a bit flustered so I know I’m just not quite ready for the test yet. It’s a very professional group and in my humble opinion the best advice you will get.


What did you fail the practical or the written?

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I got sucked into worrying about the guys in the air and forgot to tell a pilot to vacate the runway and then cleared someone to land. Ended up having to go around. But like most have already said, ATCEG will help you out tremendously. They will get you squared away.

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