Skids and network

Hey guys
Reletively new on the forum. I have been experiencing subtle skids left and right while taxing after landing. I have tried landing with VS as less then 30 and I still obvserve the skids. Earlier I used to think that Im just not good at landing but its not the case anymore and has started bothering me. Phone: Note 5 with custom rom.

Also, lately I have been trying to closely examine certain airplanes in the skies of our IF and I see that the target seems to very laggy as I get closer and closer. Im not sure if its coz of the server having too many planes but certainly it is posing a problem for me to fly close to airplanes.

Thank you


I think there is a bug called the ‘Floating’ bug, this may be fixed tho

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No my plane doeant float but skids left and right continiously even if I use AP to keep the heading fixed.

What speed are you approaching at and for what aircraft?

For single isle aircraft you need to be around 130-140ktns when on touchdown

My speed when touching the ground is always between 130-140

Hmm, what’s your weight for the aircraft

I keep it normal less than MTLW

It doesn’t look literally float, it happens when you fly far from the starting point of the airport. The further you get, the more intense the plane will shake. So if you land, the plane will shake a lot of you flew far, but if you flew close to the starting point then there would be no shaking.

So whats the point of having other airports if I have to land on the same airstrip to keep the plane from skiding dont you think this should get some attention then?

Edit: I believe I tried patterned touch and goes as well and have experienced the same.

When global comes out this will certainly be fixed. Don’t worry :)

I hope developers know about this.

Also any idea on the planes lagging?

The serves have been having problems p, check your wifi

I have converted my laptop into a router so I have no issues with wifi. Aint a noob lol

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Maybe it’s your network connection. It happens with me sometimes too, even though my wifi is perfect.

Maybe. Specially when the plane turns gosh it is so hard to track the plane. Thanks for the help guys hope this gets fixed soon.

AP is not on the rudders, useless on the ground.

@Shade… MaxSez: Try locking your brakes when you dirty up for landing. IF Brakes have an Auto-brake/skid built in. Try it you’ll like it. ( release the brake when the reverser kicks out and roll off the active using the Rudder Brakes)

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i have the same problem