Skidding of A380

Does this happen to anyone else… i landed at near 185 knots and the A380 skidded…dont know what to do…

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Well, you should not land at 180+ knots at all. Your touchdown speed with most passenger aircraft should be between 145 and 130 knots


It’s too fast. I normally land A380 145-160 knots.

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Yeah I never get below 145 that’s really slow for an A380 it’s usually perfect for most aircraft to land at 140 but the A380 just needs a little more speed or it will stall

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To put into perspective, 180 knots (kts) is too fast even for MTOW departure! For A380 landing speed you should be aiming between 150-140kts depending on the weight of aircraft.

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Thankyou all for the advice…will try at 140 and 150…Thanks a bunch again🤗🤗

Try landing at 145kts instead of 180

You’re landing way too fast, hopefully this wasn’t in the expert or training server

Think of what happens when a car drives too fast through water… skrrrt, skrrrt