Dear pilots,
the time has come. I can proudly say that the toughest event is coming up in Infinite Flight. It isn’t a normal event. Only good pilots are allowed and good traffic skills are required.

A big thanks to IFATC @DimitriB for controlling the airport!

The airport
Let me introduce Skiathos to you. One of the most dangerous airports in Europe. The event will take place in the evening and requires your full attention. A very short and small runway with low lighting surrounded by water on both sides. Only 5 parking positions and no taxiways. This is the place you can challenge yourself. But before signing up please read the following text.

What’s so special?
Like I said, the airport has only 4 gates. This means if they all are taken no aircraft can approach the airport. There will be a strict schedule for all aircrafts. In case of a full airport, arriving aircrafts will receive the message: “Due to heavy traffic, airport is not accepting incoming airplanes at this time” followed by “make a left/ right 360”. This means you will have to wait and fly circles until the airport will have space for you. After your approach you will have only a few minutes time to end your flight or prepare the return flight. Specific time informations are in the NOTAMS.

Important event informations

Date and Time: 2020-03-25T17:00:00Z2020-03-25T18:00:00Z
Try to make your approach or departure at that time

Airport: LGSK

Server: Expert

Aircraft, Airline and Destination: Only Aegean Airlines and european holiday airlines

  1. Only 10 minute stay on ground is permitted (except during taxiing)
  2. No pushback positions
  3. Follow the time schedule and be on time
  4. No bigger aircraft then 757 or 788
  5. Back Taxi to runway.


Sequence of positions: Gate 02, Gate 01 - RS 01, RS 02, RS 03

All parking positions: Gate 01 & 02, Remote Stand (RS) 01, 02 & 03

How to request approach or departure

Approach: You have to provide arrival time, Airline, Callsign and your departure airport. Also you will receive a message with your parking position and the exact time of your approach inbound

Departure: You have to provide departure time, Airline, Callsign and destination. I will assign you to a gate and I will try to give you a slot which is as near as possible to your planed departure time.

Since I know the schedule is complicated feel free to pm me if something isn’t clear and you have any question.

See you at Skiathos and be on time!




Hahaha 😂 LMAO

Arrival 17:05, Aegean, Aegean 215, Rhodes (LGRP).
Departure 17:15, Aegean, Aegean 77, Athens (LGAV)

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Thanks for signing up! I will put you on the list

Arrival 1710zz, British Airways E190, BAVA366 from London City (EGLC)
Departure 1720z, British Airways E190, BAVA366 to London City (EGLC)

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Thanks for joining! I will put you on the list

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I couldn’t believe when I saw this event. I had an event with @InfiniteFlyWings here and it was great ;)


@Alexian61 Just one thing. Is the Zulu time on the title right in comparison with the event information time? Last event I made a error and it ended delayed

It’s fine for this one.

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@Alexian61 and @AH_aviation you are both on the list. Contact me if you have any further questions


Thank you!

Is it you who is doing the ATC?

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No, it’s gonna be @DimitriB . I am on the list as well

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Aegean from athens with arrival @ 17:25
Aegean to athens with departure at @17:30

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Call sign PANY22

Oh okay! I was like how are you going to control at the same time lol

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Yeah that would be a little bit difficult lol

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I will add your flight in a few minutes. Thanks for signing up!

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Thank you for putting it together!

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