Skiathos Super Saturday! @ LGSK - 241100ZFEB18

Server: Training

Airport: *LGSK *

Time: 1100Z

Skiathos International Airport is often referred to as the European equivalent of Sint Maarten due to the low approaches either side of the runway.

I believe we should truly appreciate this airport in Infinite Flight. So to do just that, we are going to make Skiathos as busy as possible.

There will be no need to ask to come, just fly in or fly out on the day! If there are any VA/ Organisations on here who would like to participate here, please send me a message and we will arrange specific gates for you and at specific times too.

I will be on ATC Tower duties throughout the day

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Noticed you forgot the month, slipped that in there 😉.
This event looks pretty cool and it just happens BA flies there so I might stop by Saturday, although 1100Z is a wee early, I might be a little late to the meet up 🙂.


Ah didn’t notice I forgot the month, cheers for that. Yeah feel free to turn up there whenever really, I have done loads of flights there recently and from the UK, it’s only a 2 - 2.5 hours (Two and a half).

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Notice that Skiathos only has 5 “gates”

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We could always fly in from nearby, or other airports and come in for
touch & goes etc.


I hadn’t noticed that, however with most people flying in throughout the day it shouldn’t be too busy at one time, hopefully will be spread throughout the day. However I will do some more planning regarding that issue

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My Virtual Airline operates out of Athens (LGAV) nearby, so we might be doing some short island hop round trips over there (no gates needed), however probably later on. I will send you a PM if we do turn out needing some gates👍🏼

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Ok that’s fine, yeah should be ok with gates, however I’m looking at possibly getting arrivals to SAFELY park on the GA Apron because it’s a large area. However this is only a planning option which I’m looking at. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be doing trails with my brother to see if we can safely have commercial aircraft on the GA Apron. I’ll give an final answer tomorrow evening.


Hello everyone,

I have been looking at the parking issue at Skiathos, and come to a reasonable conclusion. We will be using the GA Apron as a parking area for commercial aircraft. The largest aircraft permitted there (757) can safely park in the GA Apron(as pictured below):

If anyone here will be flying GA aircraft, I will allow you to park wherever you would like (It has to be a safe spot). If I deem your parking spot unsafe I’ll tell you using ATC command “Continue taxi” and if it’s a safe spot I’ll simply use the “Thank you” command, meaning you can park there.

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Good morning everyone, just a quick one, my ATC coverage won’t start until 1200Z today (I’ve got to go somewhere now at 1100Z😒), so if there is anyone here who would like to fill in for that hour, feel free to.

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I’ll try to be ATC ggg

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Thanks very much for that, if you would like you can go longer than an hour, you can be ATC as ling as you want today. Just leave when you want basically.

Cheers again for stepping in

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@morgan99 Sooo sorry but I realised I can’t come as I’m going to town this morning

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Ok that’s fine, no worries! (I can’t say much because I’m missing the first hour😂)

We will most likely be operating a flight (possibly group flight) there from Athens at 1500z, will ATC still be active then?

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