Skiathos Arrivals (Part 2)

Hello everyone. Here is part to of Skiathos Arrivals featuring the remaining pilots that were not shown in part 1. Enjoy the photos!

Airline Aircraft Departure City Pilot
Ryanair 737-800 Bari @Patrick05

Airline Aircraft Departure City Pilot
SAS A320 Stockholm @Vinnepinnen

Airline Aircraft Departure City Pilot
Jet2 737-800 Standsted @YT_Sniegutizzz

Skiathos at its busiest

Airline Aircraft Departure City Pilot
Condor A321 Düsseldorf @MANDELA

Thanks for viewing!




Nice pics, but why do you not use the in game screenshot feature? It would make them look a lot better :D

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Because idk where they go when i take it

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Obviously the best photo and landing

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I buttered that

They go the same place screenshots do, to your phots app.

Unfortunately I floated for a bit, but quite smooth in the end!

No…. Is it possible I see a Ryanair flight BUTTERING?? That’s against the rules of physics!

Go into settings and allow Infinite Flight access to all your photos, then it should work.

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Maybe there was a little floating 🤭

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can’t find IF in my settings, does anyone know why some apps on apple just don’t appear in settings?