Ski Trip With the New 757!

Hello IFC! For this screenshot topic, I decided to share some shots from my first flight with the final version of the new B757-200 (I did fly a bit with it in the open beta). For this flight, I flew from JFK Airport in New York to Eagle County Airport in Eagle, Colorado with the American Airlines 757. This was always a cool route to me since it used the 757, and Eagle is a beautiful area in the mountains. The power of the 757 comes in handy for those high altitude airports! Time to take our passengers from New York to Eagle to hit the slopes and enjoy some December skiing!

Departure Airport: New York-JFK (KJFK)

Arrival Airport: Eagle County Regional (KEGE)

Flight time: 4 hours & 27 minutes

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200, American

Callsign: AAL 796

Server: Expert

Time for the photos!

Departing JFK’s runway 31L on one of my favorite departures, the Canarsie departure.

Saying goodbye to New York as we head west

34,000ft above Chicago! Can you spot both main Chicago airports, Midway and O’Hare?

A United 757 from Newark to San Francisco begins to overtake me. Sadly, the pilot either does not have an IFC account or didn’t link it so it’s too bad I can’t tell who it is

Beginning our decent into Eagle flying over Denver. You can see KDEN, but also the Rockies. Hopefully our passengers are getting excited for some skiing action!

Entering the approach for KEGE. What a view with those mountains!

Turning onto final…Those snow capped mountains tell our passengers that we’re almost there!

Touchdown! Welcome to Eagle, Colorado!

Time to unload all of those ski and snowboard bags! Some may have to go to the oversize baggage claim…Let’s get those air stairs to the plane!

Thanks for following along! If you’re looking for cool routes to fly with the new 757, I highly recommend this route. Landing while being surrounded by mountains is always a fun experience. You can also do it in the other direction for a beautiful takeoff!

If you’ve got a favorite shot, let me know! :)


Definitely my favourite picture of the topic, what a cool scene with the shiny new B757 and Chicago below. Managed to find O‘Hare at least, but not Midway…

Thanks for sharing what looks like a very cool trip!

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how u got that shot of the interior

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He used a drone camera.

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Hey nice shots!

Also I found both Midway and O’Hare

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As a hint, look to the right of the river below the plane…Midway’s a compact little square so it’s hidden, but there! And yea, a very nice trip!

Interior drone camera. It’s on the cameras above the Free cam.

Thank you!

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Awesome shots! Specially this one

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As a Coloradan myself, I love seeing my state’s airports on the IFC. I am so happy to have had the privilege of seeing these long legged beauties operate into this airport at their limits, and I’m glad someone else appreciates that too. Nice shots!


I was just about to say pretty much the exact same thing lol!


It’s really hidden indeed, but finally managed to spit it! Rather odd airport layout being a square area to be honest :)

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I tried using the interior drone cam but it only shows the cockpit, I tried zooming past it but it didn’t work

You don’t zoom in, you have to move the camera around. Move your finger around the left side of the screen to move it and the right side to rotate it.

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