Ski Resort Flight ⛷ | Star Alliance @ KASE - 042200ZDEC16

Are you ready for winter (North Hemisphere only, although both hemispheres can attend, obviously)?
Well come join us for some high altitude fly in the area with amazing ski resorts!
Star Alliance’s region of the month is…Colorado!
This first event of the month will take place on the Training Server to open our scope to all of you!

Server: Training

Region: Colorado

Airport: KASE

Aircraft: Any Star Alliance Airlines Aircraft (Please remember not to spawn in anything bigger than a A321 or 757)

Date: December 4th

Time: 2130Z

NOTAM: Spawn in a Star Alliance airline aircraft and follow the flight plan below, don’t forget to use a Star Alliance callsign or a Star Alliance Airline callsign (eg. ANA)(even if you aren’t part of Star Alliance)

This may seem complex but you can copy from either me or @MattAV when you spawn, and don’t worry about that sharp turn.


Hope to see people attend!

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The event is starting now, we will be flying formation, you can copy my flight plan once you spawn!

#Due to lack of people the event has been delayed till 2200Z

We hope to see you there!

Event starting now!

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