Sketch Flight Designing Update

For the past few months we have been updating our system here at Sketch Flight! We are glad to announce that the new website is up and working! We are over 80% finished with the update but we still have a few things like our payment system to work on. We expect the new payment system to be up soon.

At this point:

  • Website orders are still down
  • Payment system not up

So you can only order free utilities at the moment…


  • New Website
  • New order platform
  • New Designer and staff categories
  • Replaced application system
  • Payment system (coming soon…)
  • Deals
  • Banner footers on orders (Free Deal)
  • New staff requirements
  • Website training centre/system (staff only)

Sketch Flight Designing

Sketch Flight designing is a company which operates in and around the flight simulation communities. We do not run like a VA but more help a Virtual Airline. Either its Infinite Flight, FSX or Xplane! We support all.

How do we work you ask? SFD operates a large group of well trained designers who work hard to make quality and perfection. We only operate a certain variety of designers like: Website, logo or livery but still support the communities to the best possible outcome.

Our site operates two systems; free and pay. Your free deals will have a catch and will not give you 100%. Your paying deals require a quote, which will be settled by the designer your planning to use. If you have any questions about Sketch Flight make sure to use our email system located on the website or contact us directly on the forum or by the email.

Visit our new website today and order!

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Want to be employed by Sketch Flight? Contact us today at:


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Few Questions!

What payment system?

So we will be adding in a payment system which will allow clients to get better deals than your original freeby. So either its a fully designed website or a few logos, you will have to pay. Its currently down :)

So basically, I have to pay for something I can do myself? (What mostly everything you pay for IRL!)

Not exactly. Our website system is very advanced if you know how to code one great! Go for it! If you know how to create high quality logos go for it! We offer special deals, things that people might not be able to create.

We still offer free deals

I’m so confused?

I have to pay someone to make a website (or logo)?

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Yes exactly, only if you want the best of the best. Lets use an example:

  • The free deal may give you a low quality logo with a banner footer, no warrantee.

  • But the better deal gives you a high quality logo and no footer with warrantee! But it costs.

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And thats fine, if you ever want to make a more advanced, created for the purpose of a VA. Use us! Thats why we are here. Qantas Virtual is a great example of what the website system looks like :)

Let me remind people that we offer a free option!

It’s worth it. @Skylines if I already ordered I site I won’t have to pay right?

Um … Can I get a deal? A good logo, for free?

Free deals will only give you the basics. Depends on the designer.

That is really quite rude. Especially in public. They offer a free service, either use that or pay for god sake.


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