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Coming soon to the infinite flight virtual world is a network called SFD. This network is not at all a virtual airline but will have virtual airline customers and clients.

What will it be about?

The network has a very simple purpose. It purpose is to supply service to virtual airlines that need liveries, logos, websites and other desiging utilities.

More info will be given at the time of realease, but it is expected t be published in the next 2 weeks.

SO! If you have the talent or skills to design a logo, livery or a website, think about the oppotuniy at Sketch Flight.

Happy to answer any questions!


This could be really useful to the part of the community that are involved with running VA’s. Is there any way I could contribute?

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Depends on your skills. If you have designer skills of website creating, logo or livery, you could apply for a designer position when its released :)

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I feel that I can provide a helping hand to VA’s who may be making mistakes, or need help overcoming issues

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We could have a position that fits :)


You should tag Jan Polet, he has good designing skills.


Hell have to find the thread, I have had other PM hit me. If they want to apply they can :)


@emir_sergio you make good logos and liveries.


Nice of you to notice his work Riley. Emir has actually been notified about this network. Long before the release of this thread.

He plans to apply for a position :)


@Riley_Dunshea Thanks! I’ve already been notified and have applied for a position. Thanks for the positive feedback.


This still belongs in the VA category.

Indeed it does


I’m glad to announce that the Sketch Flight network is now days from release and is currently in beta testing.

A few people are currently testing the website for any issues and bugs.

Our release date is now under 3 days. If you wish to apply for a position, I recommended creating a resume. Since it will be requested in the application form.

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