Sketch any Shapes/Texts on the globe and insert it to Infinite Flight

I’m talking about the heart shaped.

I think he is asking @DeerCrusher for the Heart Coordinates. Actually lets share the coordinates here if you like so others wont need to redo the labor if you like.

Yeah, I added the coordinates under my picture. If folks are going to share the coordinates and info here on this thread, then there should be some sort of format. An example of what would be appropriate:

  • Picture of the route on Infinite Flight:
  • The total length of the route:
  • The coordinates:

I expected you’d go for a deer!

A greatly informative subject. Appreciations to you, @SkyHigh!

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We are gonna have to do this ;)

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Mine has turned out backwards, may be something to do with me placing it in the Southern Hemisphere? Any ideas how I can fix it

Thanks @BenW for attempting to sketch in Southern Hemisphere, there was a mistake which should be fixed now. Please try again, I cannot try as I am on a 17+ hour flight right now, cannot replace my flight plan, but run the code again and see if they work and let us now. By the way, nice drawing!

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It works now, Thanks again!


This is so cool thanks!!!
Bookmarked it straight away!


What about New Year Tree? 😉

Well this is too easy now, but just in case, here is the Infinite Flight Logo at the North East Region for KJFK/KEWR/KLGA Take off/Landing.

Route: Coordinations

4039N/7405W 4054N/7416W 4108N/7432W 4121N/7447W 4137N/7513W 4153N/7552W 4200N/7617W 4203N/7634W 4159N/7636W 4153N/7634W 4137N/7636W 4121N/7642W 4112N/7650W 4106N/7650W 4103N/7642W 4100N/7626W 4053N/7605W 4040N/7542W 4024N/7520W 4000N/7503W 3934N/7453W 3909N/7451W 3844N/7457W 3819N/7513W 3759N/7532W 3742N/7603W 3733N/7632W 3729N/7714W 3735N/7747W 3748N/7819W 3804N/7853W 3820N/7921W 3838N/7949W 3839N/7956W 3831N/8008W 3822N/8020W 3825N/8027W 3849N/8056W 3855N/8054W 3911N/8033W 3938N/7957W 4051N/7817W 4115N/7750W 4139N/7732W 4151N/7728W 4202N/7731W 4207N/7739W 4208N/7750W 4205N/7802W 4203N/7809W 4204N/7820W 4159N/7834W 4151N/7852W 4122N/7936W 4041N/8046W 4035N/8058W 4033N/8111W 4042N/8147W 4055N/8246W 4107N/8339W 4110N/8404W 4107N/8420W 4059N/8442W 4053N/8455W 4049N/8457W 4044N/8455W 4033N/8434W 3958N/8330W 3932N/8253W 3926N/8244W 3919N/8242W 3913N/8244W 3906N/8253W 3832N/8342W 3820N/8402W 3817N/8413W 3818N/8429W 3823N/8512W 3824N/8531W 3820N/8547W 3813N/8602W 3811N/8609W 3806N/8612W 3803N/8607W 3754N/8546W 3744N/8525W 3740N/8526W 3708N/8546W 3707N/8551W 3729N/8640W 3732N/8650W 3739N/8717W 3754N/8745W 3810N/8805W 3825N/8818W 3840N/8826W 3903N/8833W 3923N/8835W 3943N/8830W 4007N/8820W 4031N/8758W 4047N/8734W 4057N/8709W 4103N/8643W 4105N/8615W 4103N/8555W 4103N/8550W 4107N/8547W 4115N/8542W 4124N/8533W 4134N/8515W 4140N/8457W 4142N/8453W 4146N/8453W 4149N/8501W 4201N/8545W 4204N/8616W 4202N/8656W 4151N/8740W 4135N/8816W 4115N/8846W 4053N/8911W 4026N/8929W 4004N/8940W 3931N/8948W 3902N/8948W 3829N/8940W 3804N/8927W 3734N/8903W 3716N/8844W 3659N/8815W 3646N/8747W 3638N/8718W 3632N/8650W 3630N/8622W 3632N/8551W 3637N/8527W 3642N/8511W 3645N/8510W 3648N/8513W 3701N/8541W 3706N/8544W 3739N/8524W 3740N/8517W 3721N/8436W 3716N/8422W 3715N/8413W 3719N/8402W 3732N/8330W 3753N/8238W 3803N/8210W 3820N/8144W 3837N/8120W 3847N/8107W 3849N/8058W 3824N/8029W 3818N/8029W 3804N/8046W 3800N/8047W 3757N/8044W 3734N/8005W 3715N/7933W 3655N/7848W 3638N/7805W 3631N/7731W 3630N/7653W 3635N/7616W 3650N/7529W 3705N/7458W 3723N/7434W 3745N/7413W 3804N/7358W 3829N/7346W 3853N/7339W 3915N/7336W 3939N/7339W 4004N/7344W 4021N/7353W 4036N/7402W

Route Length: 3820 Nautical Miles


@MishaCamp lets do that one day along with LF so Cam wont feel bad


‘‘Tis in me plan alongside other cool stuff


Cool but…
Can be used to draw innapropriate stuff

“US Military” Cough cough


It seems you have a bad cough

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Cough… Navy… Cough


Just made one… works like a charm! I’ll be drawing some great pictures over the weekend! :)

Here is @PlaneCrazy’s Plane & Pilot Logo:

3845N/10447W 3837N/10432W 3829N/10416W 3819N/10402W 3807N/10345W 3753N/10325W 3743N/10314W 3736N/10313W 3732N/10317W 3729N/10321W 3728N/10327W 3730N/10333W 3739N/10347W 3751N/10404W 3807N/10426W 3817N/10443W 3831N/10510W 3837N/10523W 3846N/10548W 3849N/10602W 3851N/10616W 3850N/10628W 3846N/10659W 3843N/10711W 3838N/10724W 3829N/10743W 3822N/10755W 3815N/10805W 3806N/10817W 3752N/10831W 3737N/10842W 3719N/10849W 3713N/10851W 3704N/10852W 3620N/10853W 3611N/10850W 3558N/10843W 3545N/10834W 3531N/10823W 3521N/10815W 3512N/10805W 3506N/10758W 3501N/10746W 3457N/10735W 3450N/10720W 3445N/10709W 3443N/10700W 3442N/10650W 3441N/10637W 3439N/10617W 3442N/10603W 3444N/10552W 3446N/10543W 3449N/10532W 3456N/10517W 3460N/10510W 3506N/10458W 3512N/10448W 3518N/10437W 3524N/10428W 3532N/10415W 3539N/10403W 3555N/10342W 3607N/10324W 3623N/10305W 3633N/10254W 3645N/10242W 3659N/10226W 3710N/10217W 3732N/10149W 3748N/10130W 3809N/10060W 3823N/10035W 3835N/10015W 3845N/9958W 3859N/9928W 3904N/9911W 3909N/9853W 3909N/9853W 3910N/9845W 3910N/9840W 3911N/9837W 3912N/9832W 3912N/9825W 3912N/9819W 3911N/9812W 3910N/9805W 3909N/9757W 3908N/9749W 3907N/9743W 3905N/9737W 3903N/9731W 3902N/9725W 3900N/9718W 3858N/9710W 3854N/9701W 3846N/9648W 3841N/9639W 3833N/9628W 3827N/9618W 3820N/9611W 3814N/9607W 3807N/9601W 3758N/9555W 3750N/9549W 3742N/9544W 3735N/9541W 3724N/9537W 3717N/9534W 3708N/9533W 3627N/9531W 3611N/9535W 3601N/9539W 3554N/9543W 3546N/9547W 3539N/9553W 3530N/9601W 3522N/9608W 3518N/9611W 3512N/9616W 3505N/9622W 3500N/9628W 3457N/9633W 3451N/9644W 3444N/9657W 3440N/9705W 3437N/9711W 3434N/9718W 3432N/9728W 3429N/9739W 3427N/9749W 3426N/9760W 3426N/9808W 3425N/9822W 3425N/9831W 3354N/9835W 3338N/9835W 3338N/9906W 3222N/9907W 3222N/9931W 3337N/9933W 3337N/10006W 3351N/10006W 3352N/10040W 3353N/10122W 3351N/10131W 3346N/10139W 3341N/10146W 3328N/10201W 3319N/10207W 3307N/10208W 3256N/10207W 3243N/10158W 3231N/10143W 3222N/10126W 3222N/10124W 3222N/10112W 3223N/10045W 3230N/10030W 3239N/10019W 3245N/10012W 3255N/10009W 3305N/10008W 3315N/10009W 3328N/10012W 3335N/10021W 3343N/10028W 3344N/10029W 3348N/10039W 3352N/10044W 3336N/10051W 3327N/10035W 3312N/10029W 3303N/10029W 3252N/10032W 3245N/10042W 3236N/10057W 3237N/10111W 3239N/10124W 3246N/10134W 3254N/10140W 3304N/10145W 3305N/10145W 3315N/10143W 3324N/10136W 3331N/10125W 3334N/10116W 3336N/10106W 3337N/10058W 3336N/10052W 3352N/10045W 3352N/10118W 3352N/10260W 3235N/10300W 3233N/10214W 3222N/10214W 3221N/10320W 3353N/10321W 3352N/10350W 3223N/10349W 3222N/10411W 3352N/10411W 3351N/10556W 3224N/10552W 3224N/10538W 3249N/10538W 3250N/10453W 3253N/10443W 3300N/10433W 3308N/10425W 3317N/10421W 3327N/10422W 3338N/10429W 3346N/10439W 3349N/10448W 3350N/10452W 3352N/10456W 3339N/10459W 3338N/10536W 3302N/10536W 3302N/10501W 3303N/10456W 3306N/10452W 3309N/10449W 3313N/10444W 3317N/10441W 3323N/10441W 3328N/10444W 3333N/10451W 3337N/10457W 3339N/10500W 3352N/10454W 3353N/9835W 3425N/9831W 3425N/9836W 3426N/9846W 3427N/9854W 3429N/9859W 3432N/9906W 3434N/9912W 3437N/9919W 3444N/9934W 3454N/10003W 3505N/10024W 3505N/10026W 3513N/10037W 3522N/10053W 3532N/10104W 3538N/10115W 3544N/10125W 3553N/10139W 3555N/10143W 3557N/10143W 3602N/10144W 3606N/10144W 3606N/10144W 3609N/10143W 3609N/10143W 3609N/10143W 3611N/10142W 3612N/10138W 3612N/10138W 3612N/10133W 3612N/10133W 3612N/10129W 3612N/10128W 3611N/10128W 3610N/10123W 3607N/10119W 3607N/10119W 3606N/10118W 3606N/10117W 3600N/10112W 3600N/10112W 3560N/10111W 3554N/10104W 3554N/10104W 3554N/10104W 3545N/10048W 3533N/10030W 3510N/9952W 3458N/9931W 3449N/9909W 3445N/9854W 3444N/9840W 3443N/9826W 3443N/9802W 3444N/9750W 3444N/9749W 3447N/9737W 3447N/9736W 3453N/9722W 3503N/9700W 3514N/9641W 3524N/9631W 3534N/9621W 3550N/9608W 3601N/9600W 3610N/9555W 3703N/9555W 3716N/9557W 3731N/9603W 3747N/9614W 3801N/9628W 3814N/9643W 3827N/9658W 3832N/9710W 3840N/9733W 3846N/9757W 3847N/9825W 3844N/9849W 3839N/9913W 3830N/9932W 3821N/9949W 3811N/10007W 3800N/10025W 3748N/10043W 3722N/10116W 3656N/10150W 3626N/10226W 3555N/10304W 3515N/10355W 3447N/10435W 3434N/10503W 3426N/10526W 3422N/10539W 3419N/10553W 3419N/10554W 3417N/10610W 3416N/10633W 3418N/10652W 3421N/10708W 3424N/10724W 3429N/10737W 3430N/10740W 3436N/10754W 3444N/10808W 3501N/10832W 3527N/10858W 3554N/10913W 3610N/10921W 3627N/10924W 3714N/10923W 3737N/10912W 3753N/10904W 3821N/10841W 3842N/10816W 3857N/10744W 3909N/10707W 3915N/10641W 3915N/10620W 3915N/10603W 3940N/10603W 4104N/10602W 4105N/10524W 4100N/10513W 4058N/10508W 4053N/10504W 4047N/10503W 4041N/10503W 4034N/10503W 4028N/10506W 4022N/10509W 4014N/10525W 4012N/10536W 4011N/10542W 4027N/10546W 4035N/10547W 4045N/10546W 4052N/10543W 4054N/10537W 4053N/10532W 4049N/10526W 4049N/10525W 4046N/10522W 4045N/10522W 4040N/10521W 4039N/10521W 4033N/10521W 4029N/10523W 4028N/10524W 4025N/10531W 4024N/10534W 4024N/10535W 4024N/10543W 4025N/10546W 4009N/10543W 3928N/10545W 3927N/10453W 4103N/10454W 4103N/10435W 3942N/10434W 3941N/10401W 4104N/10336W 4104N/10322W 4004N/10302W 4005N/10324W 4005N/10322W 4005N/10335W 4009N/10336W 4014N/10336W 4017N/10335W 4021N/10331W 4023N/10329W 4024N/10324W 4024N/10324W 4021N/10322W 4020N/10322W 4011N/10322W 4007N/10322W 4005N/10320W 4004N/10304W 3960N/10301W 3952N/10260W 3947N/10257W 3941N/10254W 3936N/10251W 3931N/10251W 3928N/10252W 3929N/10246W 4105N/10243W 4104N/10229W 4016N/10208W 4016N/10160W 4103N/10201W 4103N/10143W 3928N/10142W 3928N/10123W 4103N/10125W 4103N/10039W 4055N/10039W 4055N/10105W 4025N/10106W 4024N/10042W 4009N/10045W 4008N/10106W 3940N/10105W 3941N/10039W 3928N/10038W 3929N/9944W 3928N/9934W 3928N/9919W 3932N/9909W 3935N/9902W 3931N/9851W 3928N/9843W 3932N/9841W 3938N/9839W 3942N/9845W 3942N/9851W 3949N/9851W 3957N/9843W 4007N/9840W 4013N/9843W 4016N/9849W 4014N/9901W 4006N/9857W 4000N/9856W 3958N/9900W 3959N/9908W 4001N/9909W 4007N/9915W 4015N/9919W 4016N/9918W 4024N/9909W 4031N/9858W 4040N/9856W 4052N/9857W 4060N/9901W 4107N/9915W 4106N/9926W 4105N/9928W 4103N/9946W 4102N/9947W 4054N/9951W 4053N/9951W 4043N/9950W 4042N/9950W 4026N/9943W 4029N/9924W 4033N/9918W 4040N/9915W 4049N/9916W 4054N/9917W 4054N/9918W 4055N/9927W 4055N/9927W 4048N/9934W 4040N/9931W 4039N/9931W 4031N/9925W 4030N/9921W 4028N/9944W 4019N/9939W 4011N/9939W 4007N/9946W 4002N/9952W 3955N/9956W 3955N/9939W 4001N/9934W 4003N/9926W 3956N/9921W 3948N/9916W 3945N/9919W 3942N/9926W 3944N/9935W 3945N/9936W 3950N/9938W 3955N/9942W 3955N/9953W 3949N/9954W 3942N/9953W 3935N/9948W 3933N/9942W 3929N/9937W 3928N/10035W 3929N/10154W 4014N/10221W 4014N/10227W 3929N/10227W 3929N/10312W 3953N/10317W 3954N/10340W 3929N/10345W 3929N/10345W 3927N/10456W 3929N/10603W 3914N/10601W 3910N/10545W 3901N/10517W 3856N/10505W 3851N/10456W 3848N/10451W


I’ll be making this once I get home:

For all my #IFAEteam guys


Wow! Nice job @jakevaz423!

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