Sketch any Shapes/Texts on the globe and insert it to Infinite Flight

@Captain_Zen @jdag2004

1-First you would need these programs on your laptop/desktop:
1-a- GoogleEarth software: Google Earth
1-b- Text Editing Software: TextEdit on Mac and Notepad on Windows will do the job.

2-Write down the text you wish in any of the above text editing softwares or prepare the image you want to use into Infinite Flight (make sure the image format saved on your desktop is compatible with google earth. For example: PNG files). Also if you had written a text that you want to make your route making the shape of it, make it into a photo first, for example make it’s size big enough, like 48 or so and then take a screenshot from it like below:)

3- Now, we can insert this image (or any images) into google following these steps:
3-a-Assuming you have the Google Earth open, Click on the icon on top as in the image below (when you hover your cursor on it, it would read: Add Image Overlay)

3-b-Once you click on it the window in image below pops up, which ask for the link to the file. Hit on Browse… and select the file you are interested in for IF. You can also insert a name for this layer to make it easier for later if you happen to make numerous sketches.

4-b- Now that the image is inserted into Google Earth, it would most likely show up somewhere you are not interested in. To move it around the globe and to change its size you have to do a bit of trial and error as explained in the following:

4-b-1-Turn the globe to where you are interested in (regardless of whether the inserted image is in there at the moment or not) and zoom in to the desired boundaries you have in mind. And then on the same small window that had opened up earlier go to the Location tab (if you have closed the window, you can open it again by right clicking on the overlay layer you have created, and by selecting the last option in the list which reads: Get Info.
(the layer which includes you image is on the left bar now on Google Earth). On the bottom right you would see a button which says Fit to Screen. You click on that and the image moves to where you are looking at on Google Earth and its size expands/shrinks to fit your current view. You might want to repeat these steps until you get your image in the right location and at the right size. Once done click OK or simply close that small window.

5-Now we have to literally draw the image/text using a pen-like feature. To do this, on the top bar, right next to the image overlay button that we have already used, click on the other tab which reads Add Path when you hover over it.

5-a- You click that and this other small window pops open:

5-b-again, name it something for future references, and go select the tab (Style, Color), and pick a color that make sketching easier for you on the earth and set a high width for it so you can easily see it.

5-c- Now while you have the small window open, you can start drawing on the earth in Google Earth (just be careful to add the drawing point by point or it will make a gazillion number of points if you drag the pointer over the screen). If this happens, you can click on Delete button until all the extra points are removed. Then you can continue the rest of your drawing from where you left it off, and the last point which is now off, will readjust to where you want the rest of your drawing to go. Also, if you happen to close the window (hence stopping the drawing process) but you are not really done yet, you can access it again: by finding the lPath layer in the left bar, right clicking, and selecting Get Info. Then you can continue editing until you are done.

6-Now, Right Click on the Path Layer again, and this time select: Save Place As

6-a- Give it whatever name you like, but MAKE SURE YOU SAVE IT as a kml file by dropping down the file format in at the bottom of the save window, as shown below:

7- We are done with Google Earth now. Go to the folder where you have saved the kml file, and right click on it (or drag it into) to open it with TextEdit or Notepad depending what Operating System you work on.

7-a- Once the file opens, it would look like something like this.

8-You should copy the entire text in that page and then go to the Google Spread Sheet Link (the link is provided both at top and right here) and follow the instructions in there to paste the text file and let the coded sheet run its program. Within a few seconds you would get a string of GPS coordinates which you can copy and paste into IF and you will see your created image. If the image is skewed, that would be due to minor incompatibilities between IF and Google’s projections of the earth, and all you can do is to see if it can be fixed inside IF or just accept it (or trash it).

9-The screenshots below are what you would do next:

10- Sample Results in Infinite Flight:


I’m left speechless, but this is just badass awesome! I’m not the type of person that will go through this much work for a flight, as I’m more of a point A to point B real world route. Props to you to figuring this out! 👏🏼


Whow! This is amazing, your contributing so much to this community, and helping so much! I think we definitely have to do a flight now.


Very well done. This will really be a wonderful addition to those wanting to do more BOE4 like flights


Very cool this should be fun to play around with.


WOW! That is hands down AMAZING. Great job, very informative. I’ll be sure to use this soon! :)


Interesting… I’m definitely going to construct an RNAV departure and arrival and try them out.


You’ve done it yet again 👏. Amazing work. I want to try this soon.


I’m working on creating something. Will share my results here in a little bit once I figure out the rest of the steps. Tracing my picture right now. 😃 #ThePressureIsReal


Can you please provide the “SK” coordinates so I can copy and paste them?

SK Coordinates, here:

Route: Coordinations

3930N/11141W 3953N/11220W 4003N/11309W 4001N/11360W 3952N/11438W 3925N/11508W 3853N/11521W 3818N/11517W 3751N/11453W 3730N/11409W 3710N/11305W 3645N/11234W 3623N/11247W 3611N/11324W 3612N/11411W 3634N/11444W 3711N/11503W 3722N/11510W 3652N/11529W 3601N/11527W 3528N/11444W 3510N/11350W 3516N/11247W 3542N/11147W 3634N/11124W 3720N/11136W 3758N/11233W 3823N/11350W 3851N/11419W 3912N/11353W 3914N/11258W 3846N/11218W 3900N/11203W 3921N/11144W 3920N/11042W 3954N/11024W 3954N/11003W 3953N/10917W 3905N/10930W 3801N/10934W 3817N/10907W 3860N/10822W 3952N/10755W 3955N/10704W 3944N/10647W 3904N/10713W 3806N/10759W 3713N/10712W 3610N/10642W 3523N/10641W 3522N/10746W 3542N/10756W 3647N/10814W 3711N/10837W 3713N/10859W 3649N/10924W 3605N/10926W 3523N/10913W 3521N/11028W 3552N/11041W 3812N/11042W 3907N/11041W


Can you make a rainbow and just put the pot of gold next to my house? I will share some of the gold ;)

Seriously though, this is pretty awesome!


I was going to do some skywriting during winter break but this is going to make that much easier.

Thanks for the hard work man!


Airplane: C47 WWII:

Route: Coordinations

4014N/7446W 4024N/7503W 4030N/7523W 4038N/7707W 4041N/7951W 4039N/8142W 4001N/8344W 3935N/8458W 3906N/8620W 3924N/8652W 3928N/8718W 3829N/8949W 3907N/8950W 4002N/8913W 4042N/8821W 4053N/8726W 4043N/8625W 4017N/8540W 3942N/8502W 3856N/8442W 3744N/8435W 3641N/8452W 3551N/8529W 3521N/8618W 3515N/8715W 3533N/8820W 3607N/8903W 3651N/8929W 3809N/8941W 3817N/8958W 3809N/9022W 3744N/9117W 3812N/9258W 3933N/9718W 4127N/10334W 4151N/10457W 4340N/11101W 4449N/11531W 4401N/11541W 4208N/11331W 3857N/10709W 3647N/10211W 3419N/9708W 3355N/9704W 3322N/9736W 3205N/10014W 3149N/10104W 3148N/10144W 3211N/10200W 3308N/10237W 3350N/10318W 3352N/10401W 3322N/10450W 3238N/10508W 3157N/10503W 3056N/10508W 3015N/10507W 3020N/10858W 3011N/10927W 2949N/10943W 2924N/10937W 2855N/10835W 2713N/10147W 2659N/10037W 2709N/9946W 2730N/9936W 2754N/9953W 2832N/10031W 2845N/10019W 2901N/9926W 3105N/9104W 3112N/9001W 3109N/8855W 3026N/8541W 2908N/8011W 2803N/7610W 2724N/7309W 2725N/7136W 2750N/7059W 2814N/7052W 2832N/7112W 2920N/7246W 3126N/7713W 3120N/7758W 3135N/7857W 3211N/7949W 3304N/8023W 3357N/8038W 3451N/8036W 3558N/8012W 3643N/7918W 3660N/7818W 3649N/7713W 3616N/7619W 3522N/7539W 3420N/7521W 3328N/7524W 3231N/7543W 3155N/7619W 3133N/7656W 3135N/7728W 3209N/7846W 3352N/8240W 3410N/8240W 3432N/8158W 3612N/7825W 3742N/7605W 3831N/7516W 3919N/7445W 3942N/7442W 4007N/7443W


@SkyHigh I’m a bit confused, when I open the spreadsheet, the cell is already red. And nothing happens when I try deleting the info in the pink cell. Unless I’m doing it wrong. I’ve got my TextEdit copied. Just need to paste it.

EDIT: I might have had a revelation. Think I figured it out.


Okay… I don’t know how you found this out, but I literally said out loud, “Holy tomatoes! How did this guy find this out?” THIS IS INSANE! Kudos to you for finding this out man, this deserves to be a tutorial!



Coordinates for the entire Word: SKY here:

Route: Coordinations

2800N/13330W 2815N/13328W 2815N/13337W 2816N/13359W 2822N/13430W 2830N/13460W 2842N/13531W 2859N/13560W 2919N/13628W 2937N/13643W 2960N/13658W 3021N/13704W 3043N/13708W 3104N/13708W 3126N/13703W 3143N/13658W 3159N/13649W 3215N/13637W 3227N/13623W 3229N/13620W 3230N/13615W 3225N/13610W 3214N/13609W 3159N/13604W 3145N/13560W 3128N/13553W 3109N/13541W 3052N/13527W 3039N/13510W 3026N/13448W 3016N/13419W 3011N/13346W 3008N/13304W 3017N/13214W 3035N/13138W 3057N/13119W 3122N/13117W 3146N/13127W 3154N/13134W 3203N/13144W 3210N/13156W 3219N/13211W 3228N/13234W 3236N/13259W 3242N/13326W 3250N/13352W 3259N/13421W 3311N/13453W 3313N/13503W 3339N/13550W 3405N/13615W 3435N/13636W 3512N/13646W 3553N/13644W 3636N/13628W 3717N/13558W 3748N/13509W 3804N/13421W 3812N/13326W 3809N/13206W 3753N/13107W 3740N/13030W 3723N/13002W 3713N/12950W 3701N/12942W 3651N/12941W 3640N/12945W 3626N/12953W 3550N/13020W 3538N/13035W 3533N/13043W 3535N/13052W 3537N/13060W 3548N/13114W 3602N/13131W 3617N/13155W 3630N/13222W 3636N/13256W 3634N/13332W 3631N/13352W 3623N/13412W 3612N/13428W 3557N/13438W 3544N/13442W 3531N/13442W 3517N/13436W 3502N/13425W 3452N/13408W 3437N/13337W 3424N/13301W 3413N/13219W 3350N/13112W 3334N/13041W 3318N/13015W 3254N/12946W 3226N/12925W 3200N/12912W 3124N/12906W 3047N/12907W 3027N/12912W 3004N/12921W 2942N/12934W 2921N/12952W 2856N/13024W 2838N/13055W 2827N/13132W 2821N/13155W 2817N/13220W 2815N/13250W 2815N/13315W 2815N/13327W 2800N/13328W 2800N/13231W 2800N/13125W 2800N/13019W 2760N/12701W 2825N/12660W 2825N/12718W 2829N/12732W 2839N/12740W 2857N/12746W 2916N/12749W 2943N/12753W 3023N/12756W 3203N/12759W 3352N/12759W 3532N/12754W 3703N/12742W 3741N/12729W 3754N/12720W 3758N/12715W 3760N/12709W 3759N/12656W 3800N/12622W 3760N/12517W 3757N/12507W 3751N/12504W 3745N/12505W 3648N/12525W 3625N/12532W 3558N/12539W 3534N/12544W 3509N/12547W 3442N/12549W 3420N/12550W 3402N/12549W 3354N/12546W 3349N/12542W 3347N/12538W 3347N/12533W 3349N/12527W 3400N/12512W 3432N/12440W 3519N/12357W 3547N/12335W 3635N/12305W 3716N/12243W 3743N/12233W 3753N/12229W 3758N/12224W 3759N/12213W 3760N/12153W 3760N/12049W 3759N/12031W 3756N/12027W 3749N/12024W 3741N/12025W 3704N/12032W 3651N/12039W 3626N/12052W 3555N/12113W 3518N/12143W 3446N/12212W 3421N/12238W 3414N/12243W 3410N/12245W 3405N/12245W 3359N/12240W 3322N/12206W 3247N/12136W 3212N/12112W 3126N/12045W 3027N/12022W 2944N/12013W 2855N/12007W 2840N/12008W 2832N/12008W 2828N/12012W 2825N/12019W 2824N/12103W 2825N/12227W 2830N/12239W 2841N/12242W 2917N/12243W 2952N/12248W 3031N/12255W 3113N/12309W 3133N/12318W 3210N/12337W 3234N/12357W 3243N/12408W 3245N/12417W 3241N/12428W 3220N/12460W 3154N/12526W 3135N/12539W 3119N/12545W 3057N/12544W 3016N/12537W 2854N/12519W 2837N/12517W 2829N/12520W 2825N/12527W 2824N/12543W 2825N/12632W 2825N/12658W 2801N/12659W 2800N/12447W 2800N/12115W 2760N/11545W 2826N/11545W 2826N/11642W 2824N/11654W 2837N/11711W 2859N/11716W 2928N/11715W 3005N/11707W 3036N/11655W 3101N/11643W 3125N/11631W 3142N/11622W 3153N/11621W 3202N/11625W 3217N/11641W 3257N/11723W 3329N/11755W 3402N/11822W 3436N/11845W 3508N/11901W 3550N/11917W 3629N/11926W 3714N/11929W 3744N/11925W 3757N/11916W 3802N/11907W 3804N/11900W 3802N/11847W 3802N/11826W 3802N/11746W 3801N/11717W 3801N/11660W 3758N/11650W 3751N/11643W 3743N/11641W 3734N/11643W 3703N/11647W 3649N/11649W 3626N/11647W 3555N/11641W 3523N/11631W 3450N/11615W 3421N/11555W 3348N/11522W 3342N/11514W 3340N/11504W 3345N/11454W 3359N/11436W 3435N/11406W 3516N/11339W 3602N/11318W 3637N/11308W 3716N/11309W 3743N/11314W 3751N/11315W 3757N/11311W 3760N/11258W 3760N/11235W 3800N/11132W 3759N/11118W 3753N/11106W 3745N/11102W 3734N/11101W 3659N/11102W 3627N/11105W 3538N/11121W 3455N/11142W 3405N/11216W 3308N/11304W 3236N/11328W 3160N/11353W 3142N/11404W 3055N/11424W 3002N/11438W 2928N/11441W 2911N/11438W 2845N/11435W 2836N/11435W 2833N/11438W 2829N/11443W 2826N/11448W 2826N/11501W 2825N/11544W 2800N/11544W 2800N/11515W


I’m just gonna say, you’re an absolute madman. I had no doubts that this works, but THIS WORKS!


Length: 2819nm

KDEN 4353N/10458S 4409N/10522S 4418N/10537S 4429N/10559S 4443N/10636S 4452N/10704S 4458N/10732S 4504N/10810S 4507N/10842S 4507N/10914S 4505N/10943S 4503N/11007S 4458N/11038S 4451N/11104S 4445N/11126S 4434N/11153S 4422N/11216S 4408N/11239S 4357N/11255S 4337N/11317S 4314N/11336S 4251N/11350S 4229N/11358S 4216N/11401S 4204N/11403S 4149N/11403S 4137N/11403S 4119N/11360S 4056N/11353S 4043N/11347S 4031N/11341S 4018N/11333S 3950N/11312S 3912N/11235S 3846N/11205S 3831N/11147S 3812N/11121S 3748N/11047S 3733N/11026S 3713N/10955S 3650N/10918S 3539N/10722S 3442N/10546S 3414N/10458S 3547N/10222S 3618N/10130S 3728N/9940S 3823N/9822S 3849N/9748S 3907N/9728S 3927N/9707S 3957N/9640S 4031N/9617S 4049N/9608S 4105N/9602S 4125N/9556S 4143N/9554S 4211N/9556S 4233N/9601S 4300N/9612S 4321N/9625S 4341N/9644S 4353N/9658S 4409N/9718S 4422N/9740S 4432N/9759S 4438N/9814S 4444N/9830S 4451N/9852S 4456N/9910S 4459N/9926S 4502N/9941S 4505N/10003S 4506N/10022S 4507N/10045S 4507N/10111S 4505N/10135S 4504N/10152S 4500N/10214S 4452N/10250S 4444N/10320S 4435N/10343S 4426N/10405S 4416N/10424S 4406N/10441S 4354N/10458S 4353N/10458S KDEN


Woah! That’s pretty awesome! Can you share the cordinates, please?

He posted them just up there :)