Skbo problem with a guy that has been there for over a week

there’s a guy at SKBO bogotá el Dorado as Turkish 6530 that hasn’t not left the session for over a week, he’s a turkish A350 idk he has occupied the same spot for over a week, idk if it’s trolling (Hopefully it is not) or simply he bugged, the thing is:

  1. he should leave the session, he’s occupying space that he’s not using efficiently
  2. he sometimes bugs and his aircraft looks like this:

he’s literally levitating at times and it looks annoying because it screws up realism

Device: iphone 14
Operating system:

Wonder what could’ve possibly happened on the other side if this isn’t a case of him being glitched in… Device left on charger and abandoned?

Landed there today and I clicked on the plane and it said “active” I think it might be a troll unfortunately :(


Saw him in Bogota earlier today probably a troll.

Which server @Cpt-Lucc4 ?

Nvm it is the expert server.
@Sai_Figuereo might just want to stay till he departs for his flight back.
He has a complete flightplan to LTFM. I wouldn’t call this a troll.
Also I never heard of a rule that doesn’t allow to keep the plan where it is, and I don’t see an issue with that, there are enough free gates.

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