SKBO - MMUN Avianca Airbus A320 6.9.20

  • Aircraft and Livery: Avianca Airbus A320 image

  • Route: SKBO -MMUN
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Time of Departure: 2020-09-06T08:00:00Z

  • Server: casual
    Altitude : 36’000 feet

i make a livestream from this flight.
here is my channel Swiss 1 super :
Display name : Swiss 1 super yt
callsign : Swiss 1 super

please answer who you are with us

Sorry to say, but as this isnt posted within 3 hours of the flight, it falls outside the rules of the category

what du you mean?

Everything is explained in


Do note that the #live:groupflights category has certain rules and formatting requirements that must be adhered to.

In red are the rules that you violated.


  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not affiliated with a VA or VO
  • No assigning of gates or pilot slots
  • Title should be formatted as DDMONYY / HHMMZ - Event Title @ ICAO to ICAO

For more information, please see the “About the group flights category” pinned post.

Cheers :)


thank you for the information

No problem! Let me know if you need any help with the formatting or rules.

@Swiss56yt, shared by TheAviationGallery included all the information regarding the Group Flight category. The correct title format for this flight would’ve been this:

06SEP20 / 0800Z - Flight Title @ SKBO - MMUN

You can post the topic three hours before you want to depart.

Also, thank you @TheAviationGallery! It’s always nice to see when people are actually trying to help each other instead of just flagging a topic and telling users ‘You’re wrong, go and read this topic.” 😊