SKBO ILS issues


I assume the development team is aware of this but I thought I’d mention it. The ILS intercept on both 13 rwys at SKBO have major issues. Aircrafts are swinging left to right till about 2nm final. Would be great if this could be addressed. Thanks!

Hello there,
Our developers are working on ILS issues found throughout the game as this is a known issue.
Hope this helps!

The OP did not state that the aircraft landed off-centerline (the issue the developers are aware of). Instead, they indicated that aircraft “are swinging left to right till about 2nm final.”

This leads me to believe that there was an issue capturing the localizer correctly. Furthermore, I just tested this myself and had no problem using APPR for an ILS approach to RWY 13R.

@centauridr - were there any factors that could have affected your approach to SKBO (i.e., winds)?

Please advise, and we can go from there.


Yeah this what he described definitely was an intercept failure as i was there and had no issue with the ILS its working completely fine

I was your controller and if I remember correctly, it was just you and one other pilot who went back and forth. That means it was likely an issue with capturing the localizer and not the ILS itself.

Strange guys. No, winds were not an issue. I was swinging left to right after capturing the GS well before the cone. I had this issue on 13R, then did a GA and had the same issue on 13L all the way down to 2nm. I was followed by an Air Canada flight on 13R that had the exact same issue to the point they despawned. So idk

Hey Rob….yup that’s right.

Can you upload your replay, please?

You can do this using Share My Infinite Flight.

I may be completely wrong but SKBO is a high altitude airport and flying at low speeds at such high altitude environment causes this swinging motion.


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