SKBO Colombia

image Hi guys I’m from Colombia, now living in the us. I just passed to grade like one week ago, I having playing IF long time ago, and I would love to see SKBO 3D in this simulator, this one of the most difficult airports to land, it is Avianca Hub and has many international flights, the longest one to Estambul with the 773ER AND 789.
I would like to see my IF Colombian community and people around the world join and seeing the beautiful of Colombia. Thank you


Adding on from what Ethan has mentioned above, the aim of the Infinite Flight team is to eventually have all major airports in 3D.

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And you don’t know if he has a subscription or not. They could just be a solo player - which Colombia is not an available region for.

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I would like to know the same thing

I missed to put 3D airport man but thank you for remind me.

As Declan and Ethan said, 3D Buildings for specific structures and airports are prohibited unfortunately. I’m sure this airport will come with time as SKBO is an airport with higher traffic then others and the largest airport in that region.

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This topic will stay closed. IF goal is to have all airports in the world 3D. Eventually, we should expect SKBO to be 3D. Unfortunately, requests are not being taken for 3D airports as that will mean that many threads gets opened with everyone requesting their home airport.

As for everyone else, there’s no point in arguing what the user was trying to say or not in a public topic. If it doesn’t follow the rules, flag it and we will intervene. Most of this thread contains unnecessary or repeated replies