SK926- SAS from Washington Dulles to Copenhagen

Hello from Denmark! I landed from Washington DC to Copenhagen! It was a 7 hour flight! I didn’t get a lot of photos but just enough.
Aircraft: Airbus A340

This was my view from my gate in Dulles

This was my seat, Premium Eco 22A

Take-off from Dulles

This was my dinner, beef and rice, it was ok, some of the meat was chewy, it tasted just like a microwave meal

I fell asleep so I missed sun down, so at sun up there was breakfast, I barely ate so I couldn’t really rate it.

This was final decent into Copenhagen very nice view of the water

That was landing in Copenhagen


Compaired to American airports, you can see there are many differences to the airport styling.

-The seat floor I had was wet, so I wasted my free blanket
-The food was bland
-the leg room was great
-Infotainment system was good until they had to shut it down and re-boot it in flight
-it was just a meh service

Thank you for reading and have a good day!!


That seems like an awfully high score for the reasons of the score you gave. :) Dulles is my favourite airport - so I enjoyed this review.

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If the floor was wet, I would’ve given it a 4 or a 5 at the most


Which airline???

It is SAS, the title says it

Yes, I forgot, I’ll edit that in

Well it is a great flight report

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It seems to me like you were quite geneorus with your rating. 8.7 is very high for a wet floor. :)

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Yeah the IFE can be annoying, when I flew the B787 it was the worst thing ever because the IFE wouldn’t let you watch anything as it kept playing and stopping and lagging like crazy, it pretty much happened to every one so that was it no movies for me. That was over with but then b3cause all the controls were through the IFE there was another annoying issue, I turned on the overheated light and then it wouldn’t turn off as the whole system froze. Then the crew had to keep restarting it meanwhile I got no sleep as the sun (aka the light) was too bright. Thank you Android 🤮. Thankfully all the other Qatar aircraft, A320 family and A330 has brilliant systems.

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