SJD-SEA Another Boring Trip Report

Hey, IFC!

Recently I flew from Los Cabos to Seattle aboard Delta’s A319, and here is the trip report!

First step was getting a swab in the nose. It felt like it swiped the brain, then I saw how far it went. Turns out it went halfway up my nose only but since im french that meant a solid 30 inches…


Negative. Wear a mask.

As I arrived at SJD, I was greeted by a security guard that wanted to see my passport. Fair, I gave him my passport and he checked it, then I was able to go inside. Once inside, I was greeted by a huge QR code on a wall that was supposed to bring you to an online health attestation (as the billboard said) but rather brought you to the airport lounge shop.

40 minutes and the same amount of security guards later, I was through security and it was time for duty free shopping.
I had about a trillion pesos to spend before I left (makes about 5.45USD) so I settled on a little wooden shrew with a head that goes up and down when you poke it. He is a very nice shrew. I would recommend this shrew.

After shopping, I stumbled upon the gate area that had the filthiest windows you could imagine. They were covered in mud, dirt, rainmarks, and dust from the desert. I was still able to spot a little which was nice.

I’m sorry there aren’t many pics of SJD but there were signs that said “no photography on airport ground” This is when my big brain kicked in. Since I couldn’t take pics on the ground, I proceeded to jump and take a picture mid air before landing again. Haha. Harvard should give me a scholarship.

As we started boarding, I entered the cool jetway with bird sounds coming from bluetooth speakers on the ceiling. I took a picture of my perspective (6 foot 2) for the shorter people out there that wondered what it was like :)

I was allowed to visit the cockpit, and since I was among the first to board, the pilot actually took a few minutes to explain the flight plan to me and he helped me with my ground school weather unit which I was struggling on. He was the kindest guy ever and kept on cracking jokes during the whole flight!

As I settled in my seat (20A), I quickly noticed that I had a whole 2 rows to myself.


Taxi and takeoff was uneventful, but then it was the time.
The holiest of times


I was given a 150ML water bottle, 2 biscoffs, a clorox wipe a bag of almonds, and 2 napkins.

The clorox wipes still aren’t edible, I learned that the hard way :(

After my snack, I tilted down my sobrero and layed down for a lil nap.

I woke up magically 200 miles away, above Los Angeles! I snapped some bad pics of LAX and then enjoyed racing all the planes doing LAX-SFO!

After that though, the sun came down on the right side of the plane, and I chose to move to the left side so I could see out the window without being blinded. It was worth it. I saw more planes and this fancy lake in an island in a lake lol

Soon later, it was time for our approach to Seattle. We did the standard approach where you go west of KSEA and then turn around the space needle and fly above BFI on final. This approach was particularly beautiful and I was thankful for that, as it would be my last ever landing in KSEA.

Here is a short video of the approach around Seattle :)

The approach was VERY turbulent but the pilot buttered and then cracked a joke.

I can’t post videos but he said “Welcome to Seattle… looks a little wet out there… how about we park, I get a coffee and then we fly back to cabo?”


We sat on the runway for 20 minutes because traffic was piling up behind the taxiway in construction. We parked next to an EVA 787 and then deplaned. I waved at the pilot, and he said “good luck with your PPL” which is the most encouragement I ever had from anyone.


That concludes the flight! It lasted 4 hours and 47 minutes. As a comparison for the flight time, that would give you enough time to listen to Mr. Saxobeat 88.7 times which I completely recommend.

Anyways, thanks for reading through this trip report.

Stay safe, wear a mask!

Stay negative and test positive…

wait no


Anyways Bye :)

Bonus: If you can spot the plane in this image, you’re amazing

(You’re amazing even if you don’t 😉)


You are honestly the smartest person i’ve ever seen. Made me actually lol


Thank you very much kind sir

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No problem highly-iq’ed aviationist

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Your GPA is prolly higher than my IQ

1.0 GPA 🤌 As said by yourself, Harvard needs to give you a scholarship


Haha. Very funny.

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Your a genius.

Wait no. You are no longer a genius.
That looks like a great flight! Wish I could have been on it instead of you. lol


I literally stole 8 of those damn biscuits last week on my flight on delta. I’m hooked on them.


you know it

anyway nice trip report, made me laugh

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Me: 😐
Me when you say I made you laugh: ☺️

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Yes they’re awesome

did you get ATC clearance for entry Controlled air space before you jumped😂


I was feeling lonely up there so i squawked 7500

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Me: jumping and squawking in the terminal

Everyone else:



Happens to me every time I fly (I only fly ASA)


Good meme @Robertine I like it

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This. Was. Hilarious.

Oops… Don’t try the hand sanitizer either

Since it’s Seattle.

17220 seconds.

The plane is the A319 you are flying on… haha

Los Cabos is a scammer.

All in all, interesting trip report!
Great job!

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You are hilarious. I laughed so hard on this part for some reason 😂


The entire trip report had me on the floor 😂

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