SJC to SFO in a Nutshell

G’day all or Bonjour à tous, aloha, Hallo allemaal, 大家好, Hallo alle, Halló allir, Pozdrav svima, Halo semua, Καλησπέρα σε όλους, so today I thought since the Cessna rework is only days away from release as predicted 2 months ago by me, I thought I would do a flight so once the rework is released I can compare the flight physics.

image San Jose (KSJC) to San Francisco (KSFO)

image Cessna 172 Skyhawk

image Noon

image Classical solo

Parked on the GA apron

Rotation out of San Jose

Cruising over the bay with some beautiful scenery and colours below

Final approach for runway 28L at San Francisco

Touchdown on runway 28L at San Francisco

If you want to use my picture for a post, YouTube thumbnail, Instagram post, etc please PM me. Can we also please avoid speculation over the release date.


Wow those are awesome @Qantas094 nice pics 👍🏽☺️👊🏽


Lovely photos @Qantas094

I wonder what @BigBert10 will think of this flight

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Thanks guys.

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Great pictures!

I also would like his opinion

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Well, I like that you flew into SJC, but maybe you could’ve done SJC-OAK or SJC-HAF…

SFO is not a good option for GA 😂

But thanks for stopping by SJC!


I wanted to just fly and thought well I will just fly into one of my favourite airports.

Which airport

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San Francisco

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Oh come on! 😡


Well I do sort of like San Jose because it’s close to Cupertino.

It’s closer to Cupertino than San Francisco is to Cupertino

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I know it is. It’s literally written on the back of my iPad and in settings.


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So if you want to stop by Apple headquarters for whatever reason, you could stop by San Jose! :D

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Before Global, when I played IF on a Kindle Fire, I did this flight. With a A321.

Don’t worry, I buttered.

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Amazing pictures! Really great angles…

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Hopefully you had enough runway to land, could’ve been close

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Good pictures! Can’t wait for the rework!

Maybe @BigBert10 can help me with this, but why is the water orange in the satelite imagery?

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Because there are minerals in the water. I know bc I’m a Bay Area resident


I still had over half the runway left when I came to a 30 knots ground speed.

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