SJC Loupe Departure Pics

Flew out of SJC yesterday and had the pleasure of getting a few pics as we took the Loupe departure to gain altitude before heading east to clear the mountains and SFO arrivals.


Got a few good pics of the South Bay area. You can see SJC and KNUQ in a couple of them as we depart.
Uploaded to imgur album because it’s easier and saves forum space:

There was a C130 that took off 30L just before us that I saw as we were lining up. Unfortunately didn’t get any pics.

In summary though, I left this:

For this:


I can see my house in a few of your photos.

Also see where I fly out of (Reid Hillview) next to the lake.

Nice pics!

Ironically happened to get a video of that same C-130 landing yesterday as well when I saw it on final.

Not the best video, but also not everyday a C-130 is at SJC.


Haha awesome. I was wondering what it was doing there.


Great transition, you should leave the good place for Chicago, o boy you will want to take the CTA

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