SJC 30L/R departures

This topic in this series features an airport we all know of to be KSJC/SJC San Jose International Airport and the planes that fly there

All of these pictures were taken on solo and it was just the takeoff and the time of day is midday
The first picture is of a Southwest Airlines 737-800 (Heart livery) taking off for KSEA

The next picture is of a Southwest Airlines 737-700 Illinois One flight WN3811 heads down to Burbank
Picture 3 is of a Southwest Airlines 737-700 in Canyon Blue flight WN1920 heads out to KSAN
Half an hour later another Southwest 737-700 (Canyon Blue) flight WN1656 follows SWA1920 south down to KLAX
20 minutes after its departure American Airlines 737-800 AstroJet livery flight AA1312 lifts off for Chicago O’hare KORD
45 minutes later at 23:15Z(correct me if I’m wrong)this Alaska Airlines 737-900 flight AS435 rotates off of 30R and enters the sky bound for its next stop KSEA
1 hour and 25 minutes after the Alaska this CCX from NetJets blasts off from 30L for KASE

10 minutes after the CCX this Delta Conection E170 flight DL2246 heads off to KSLC filling in for a A220/C100

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WooHoo! Thanks for featuring SJC in this series 😃


Those planes think they are at Cape Canaveral, not SJC…
What’s up with those climb rates 😂


Very nice pics although i have several questions about that vertical speed.

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I like the Southwest Illinois One , these are cool I like it

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Thought those were airliners not space shuttles 😂, anyways, nice pictures!

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@Jetcentric @Soviet_Salsa @Speedyyy. It is a known fact that @NathanD does some really cool pictures from a different angle that others don’t do. This makes his pictures unique to others :) Good pictures! 😊


Nice Pictures! Have fun on your way to the moon :)

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Great pictures!

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Cool Pics! Quite the climb rate there !

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Lol. I like the pictures… but did you activate the after burners or use JATO for those climbs?!