Size Standoff →💥←

“Uhh… Speedbird, give way to traffic ahead.”

Last night at Luton on Advanced with ‘kiwi1’ and @N1DG


Hahaha! Awesome!

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What?? ha! ha! ha! this is awesome

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…Tom Hitchings. It was me! 😂

What was the shortfall here?

@N1DG made a very (very) early exit from Runway 08 on landing, and taxied onto bravo towards parking (as there was no traffic).

The A380 was taxiing to Runway 08 for takeoff so I, obviously, had to get it to wait for @N1DG to join taxiway alpha.

So cute 😊.

Someone should go on FFS, line up an A380 and line up a Super Decathlon nose-to-nose :).

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What traffic?


Just kidding. ;)

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Hahah, not the first person to ask. I was getting a little worried 😂

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Don’t you wish you could specify which taxi way to use for taxi planes to and from the runway that would be so nice


@htchngs great picture. Wanted to make an early exit as there was traffic behind me


@Rotate exactly if only we could have taxi markings to make it all possible I vote we push for this in the next update rather then different regions more planes more liverys lets push taxi signage. And lighting lets not forget about lighting :)


cough …and the A320 cough ;)


@Brandon_Sandstrom @Rotate maybe check this out for taxi markings and stuff

@Brandon_Sandstrom @Rotate I remember a time, not so long ago, when there were little to absolutely zero taxiways/markings.