Size restrictions in effect

Hello IFC,
When the atis info says size restrictions in effect and there is no tfr. How do we know what the size restriction is?

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Look at the gates

Typically when size restrictions are in effect, it means that the airport cannot cater for anything larger than your standard mid range aircraft. Like mentioned above, a good way to check is by seeing what aircraft can spawn in the gates however this can sometimes not be accurate as the airport may not have been edited yet/might have gates that can cater for aircraft that are too big for the airport itself.
ATC will let you know if your aircraft is too large, if they don’t say anything then generally you’re in the clear.

What airport

It’s ksna(John Wayne)

Wikipedia can give you a general idea as well. It’s mainly judgement

Thanks for the help I’ll look it up from now on

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Mate, you should never use that website.

Once you’ve tuned into frequency, the controller has knowledge of what’s allowed & not. If you’re in a aircraft that’s too large, the controller will inform you.


I’m not doing a research project it’ll work for me


Ok good Good

SNA is one of the shortest major airports in the US. When they say size restrictions dont spawn with a 744

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Mate, I think we have solved your problem


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The biggest airplane that fly into SNA is Delta B757 from ATL & A321’s is also a handy resource. Click on the airport, and it’ll tell you what aircraft are permitted at the airport.

For example:

You can use the same methods controllers use to judge what the size restrictions will be before you arrive or depart an airport that will likely have size restrictions.

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