Size Restrictions at KASE and KEGE

I recently found that in KEGE and KASE there is a restriction, why only here? there are a lot’s of airport where is needed. Please explain me why only here

Do you mean the flight restriction or the aircraft gate restriction?

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flight restrictions

Hello. Check out the details in the post below. Even though it is an older post, the details about it are still the same. Let us know if you have further questions.

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To stop people from flying an A380 into Aspen?

but why only there

It was originally placed before we received the Global Update back in October 2017. The KASE area back then was mainly the only area with difficult terrain approaches. It most likely just got transferred over to the new update and was never removed.


Technically because of wingspan restrictions and takeoff performance in case of engine failure only the CRJ 700 (Q400 can also but no one flies them there) is certified for scheduled commercial flights in and out of KASE

His question isn’t why it’s at Aspen.

His question is why it isn’t on every airport which may require same.

The answer is most likely because those airports were part of the regional days. Then, with fewer airports, and all Expert traffic concentrated in a small region, it made sense to have a NOTAM (TFR sort of bugs me, since the T should be a P, but anyway).

Now that Global has arrived, placing red circles over every small per airport doesn’t make as much sense, since traffic is much more spread out, and it would be completely unrealistic for an airport to have a TFR saying “the airport is small”.

Essentially, the KASE and KEGE are artifacts of a past incarnation of the sim, and are not going to be carried forward in the age of Global. (With one exception: VNLK, because of course that was the first place everyone wanted to take their 388 after the release of Global. Though, if you need a red circle telling you that is silly, I would worry about your mental health [“you” is in the general sense, not specific]).


20190316_161206 2066

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL so in 2066 we will be able to fly with an a380

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