Size restiction for EGLC

does anyone know what the size resriction is for EGLC today? Cause I was in a a320 and they said it was too big.

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The largest aircraft that can go into EGLC in real life is the A318 and the A220-100. Probably what is being enforced in Infinite Flight, A318 and smaller.

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Hey @Speed_bird_50, I’m the current approach controller at this airport. The size restrictions put in place are a maximum size of an Embraer E190 and an Airbus A318. You may be surprised to learn that the E195 overhangs the taxiway when it is parked, which is why it isn’t allowed. Thanks for your cooperation.

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ok thank you

What about the B737-700?

The 737 is too large, it will not be accepted.


Thanks. I will use this for future reference. Maybe open it later.

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