Size of user interface is too small

My device is a 2019 iPad Air. And the user interface on my iPad is just soooooooo small! I often press the wrong button simply because of the size of it. Any solutions? No relevant settings was found in the menu, did I have something wrong?

I use an iPad Pro 9.x inch and never had any problems.
Many people fly and control with their (small) phones.

The screenshot is interesting though. The buttons look smaller than the ones on mine.

But as far as I know there’s no way to re-size it.

Isnt there a option to adjust the ui size?

This is a known issue. Seems like Infinite Flight is not yet optimised for newer devices.

I hope there could be a new hot fix pushed in the following weeks. Make sure you update the app to the latest version.

Take a look to this issue below: 👇

Have you got the latest update? There was a hot fix a few hours back.


Version 19.01.07 was fixed the iPad 2019 and iPad Mini 5 issues.

I think you should update the new version and try again:)


Thanks, guys! The update an hour ago fixed the issue!