Size of the app?

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I’ve noticed Infinite Flight on my iPad is a huge app, now over 10GB. In settings, it’s saying the app size is just over 90 MB and the rest is documents and data. I’ve only got about 6 replay files saved, and they make about 250MB total.

Is this normal for the size of the app now based on the updates it’s had, or am I missing something on where I can delete a bunch of unused data I don’t need?


Infinite Flight will generally build up storage from cached scenery, airports, replays, aircraft liveries, and many more things. The best suggestion is to delete replays and clear the scenery cache. Other than that, a re-install will delete all aspects of the storage usage dscribed above.

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Thanks, how do I clear scenery cache?

Hi, go to settings, pick general on the left side, scroll a bit and you should see a “Clear scenery cache” button around the end of the list. This won’t do much though space-wise I’m afraid, as the main space-occupier for Infinite Flight is the countless aircraft. Co-founder Philippe said some time ago, that just one livery for new aircraft, like 777, can be as much as 80MB, so only a few new liveries will occupy more space than the scenery cache. Regardless of space though, it is still a good practice to regularly clean your scenery cache, as it helps avoid scenery corruption, which usually means an invisible hole into the void on a seemingly normal taxiway

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Thanks Alexander!

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