Six hour flight

Any ideas for a good six hour flight?

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EDDF - OMDB is 6:15 and two very nice airports

This thread has some.

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BOS-AMS as a great flight!

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LAX-LIR very cool flight with Alaska 737-900

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From Hawaii to Denver or Phoenix! Awesome flights that fits that time

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Oh, I know one that @NoahM will like!
Seattle - Kona

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EGLL-OTHH, wonderful route, with the option of an A350, B787, B777, A380 in real life :)

addis ababa to ghana is a little under six hours


Yes, definitely a complete sentence discord


KDFW - PANC. 6:45 might be a bit long but it’s 6 hours.

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Atlanta to Malta is a VERY underrated flight. KATL-LMML

I suggest Montevideo, Uruguay (SUMU) to Bogota, Colombia (SKBO). It will also give you a moderately challenging approach.

Another option is Lima, Peru (SPJC) to Mexico City (MMMX) but it’s slightly shorter.

KMIA-KSEA AAL 737-800, it’s a pretty cool flight! it’s a little over 6 hours

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