Situational Awareness on the Ground

Recently I have noticed many pilots who do not have awareness of their position at their spawn point.

If you request pushback with your tail at the edge of a building or grass, and ATC instead tells you to taxi (i.e. not to Pushback), don’t pushback.

There was a reason I told you to taxi instead. Pushing back over grass or a building when you’re already pointed forward out toward the taxiway makes no sense. If I keep telling you to taxi, that’s what I mean. Maybe it’s not “realistic”, but take a look outside with a different camera if you need to.


And please the other Way around too. When you request Taxi in Front of a Terminal so and we tell you to push back do so and dont taxi through the building


Yes, thank you, I meant to add that.

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Again if you request taxi and we give you pushback do not do a 180 turn. I’ve seen many people do this on expert.


I witnessed two people doing that and I was so annoyed that I reported them, I hate people who do stupid stuff like this and it leads on to people racing to the runway as they do these for same reason to save time. Don’t have the time? Don’t fly!

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I have ghosted people for doing that. This is expert server not try to get from A to B as quickly as you can.


Should also note, stay on the ground frequency until in line at the runway.

Switching to the tower frequency at the gate so we can’t give you give way commands is clever, but we still have “Hold Position”.

But no “Continue Taxi”. :)


There are so many people who just have what they think is right (or whatever they want to do for that matter) in mind, and that’s exactly what they do, no matter what you say.

Sometimes I really wish there was a custom message that IFATC could send so people know specifically what we are directing them at when we say the “please follow instructions” or “please check the forums for info on how to use ATC commands…”, although they should know if they are flying! Maybe it does, but I don’t have access since I still haven’t become an official IFATC’er. Soon… soon.

I doubt custom messages will ever come; too much potential for abuse.

However, I do think it would be nice if Check Help had a submenu, for instance, Check Tutorials on: Parts of the Pattern, Requesting Takeoff, Requesting Transition, Calling Inbound, etc.

Might take a second longer, but at least there’s more possibility that the pilot might actually check said tutorial.

As it stands, they either freak out and quit and never check the help pages, or they go about their merry way, possibly start a “I was ghosted for nothing” thread, and still not make the slightest attempt to learn from the tutorials.

Maybe a check help command could tag the pilot and they’d have to prove they have reviewed the relevant topic. (I know I’m stretching the bounds of likelihood, but one can dream.)

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Just being creative, but to tag onto that, maybe at the end of the flight, where your stats are presented, there could be links to tutorials triggered by atc as you’re saying

Your idea is definitely better, I agree about the abuse. But that part hopefully wouldn’t be too bad, considering I think it should only be for actual IFATC.

But yea, your idea is definitely better.

One more thing, sorry: GA…these are for Cessnas, Spits, etc., not A388s. Choose a terminal gate for that.

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