Situation on Infinite Flight

Ok fixed the live server problem But still have another problem the planes wont load

And cant connect too ATC

Is it possible you are experiencing WiFi issues again? I’ve seen that you reset your router 11 days ago.

I’d check with your network for things like your signal strength. The closer you are to your router the better :)

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Buddy with all the respect I just Payed the Phone Today Is my wifi is Unlimited !!! Is not the wifi Is Infinite flight tbh

I’m sorry your experiencing issues with Infinite Flight. I’m not seeing widespread issues with live servers at the moment, so I recommend the following:

• Close Infinite Flight (make sure you stop it from running in the background)
• Restart your phone
• Once you have cellular/WiFi service, try starting a flight again


Kindly asking, How did you fix the live server problem? Because the Internet for me is very reliable but infinite flight live server isn’t at all sometimes

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