Situation at Cathay Pacific Group

It breaks me even trying to imagine 6000 employees crying at home reading the dismissal letter 之之之

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Judging by the news outlets reporting on this news, I say that this is fairly credible that this is actually going to happen. Shame to see another airline go, but at least theres half a chance that they wouldnt go under when they get transferred to Cathay Pacifics management.

However, I do think that this lay off move will be the most beneficial to the airline, after receiving that large amount of subsidies from the government, apparently they still found it hard to survive. It is also reasonable because Hong Kongs borders were strictly tightened, because of the quarantine, nobodys even flying for leisure now.
If you are well aware of HKs news, HK Express has provided a few inter-HK sightseeing flight, basically flying within HK, the thing is even though many people were skeptical about it, it was full shortly after they opened booking. So that means in fact some (I wont say a lot) in HK still wants to fly.
I am not putting the blame on the strict border control, it is necessary under the current circumstances, but this may be a major reason to CXs downturn during COVID.
I mean they have done what they could do, they cut costs at all aspects, since COVID isnt going anytime soon, the lay off is not a matter of will or will not, but when

The travel bubble with Singapore might be a bit helpful since I believe many people want to move around and travel a bit.

Such a pity but I hope this means good for Cathay Pacifics fleet with a greater selection of aircraft.

Official: Cathay Dragon is shutting down.

Cathay Pacific and HK Express will take over routes and likely take Dragons aircraft.

Correction: they are dismissing 8500 staff members

Oh dang, Cathays deferring 777X deliveries from 2021/22 to after 2025.

Here is an official statement about the situation for your reference

RIP Cathay Dragon 1985-2020

Indeed, a number of people here cant wait to travel. However, airfares for flights between Singapore and Hong Kong has increased significantly after the travel bubble was announced.

Cathay Pacific Does Away With Dragon Subsidiary

Cathay Pacific, a full service carrier based in Hong Kong, China will axe their Dragon subsidiary. Sam Chui, the famous travel blogger says

Cathay Dragon (previously Dragonair) operates an extensive short-haul network to India, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. The airlines parent group has confirmed that most of these routes will now be operated by Cathay Pacific and budget subsidiary, HK Express.

The CEO has even came out and spoke about the situation, saying

We have taken every possible action to avoid job losses up to this point Whilst this is a difficult time, we are a resilient Group. I believe in this [restructuring] plan and I know we will prevail. We remain absolutely confident in the long-term future of Cathay Pacific.

The airline is loosing almost 2 billion a month, so preserving cash is what the airline needs to focus now. As sad as it is to see an airline go, it is important for the parent company, Cathay Pacific to survive, because after all, they do carry the most passengers and the most jobs. More major job cuts are definitely going to happen, and actions like these are important to be able to prevent these job losses. Even though they did have to cut jobs from Dragon, this was not as severe as a mainline cut will be.


Personally as a Hong Konger I think the Dragon subsidiary is kinda like a more regional airline mostly to connect passengers to Hong Kong or transit to CX. Even though this sounds bad I agree with CX to merge the two companies

Also,The staff cut was just 16% of the staff compared to 20% of Qantas staff and 30% of SIA staff

Shame. I kind of liked their livery better. That red just feels more classy to me.

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Hopefully they are going to refurbish all of KAs A330.

Well sayonara Dragon

Not really upset, its just Pacific but red. Love to see more organization though. Oh, well.

Not for me really, Cathay Dragon (Dragonair I prefer) was not originally part of CX, and it was surely a memory for many HongKongers, its sad to see this brand go:(

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Apparently Cathay Dragons A320s, A321s, and A321neos will transfer to Cathay Pacific and not HK Express?

Not what I was expecting. This might be unconfirmed, still looking for some update.

Wow, imagine seeing the CX livery on some narrow bodies

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Confirmed, Cathay Pacific will begin operating narrowbodies including Dragons A321neos.


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