Situation at Cathay Pacific Group

The deadly pandemic have led to endless dying companies, this time it is happening to the largest Hong Kong based airline.

Cathay Dragon
As part of the brand reform and company rescue, Cathay Dragon will no longer exist. Cathay Pacific will be taking over all Cathay Dragon routes. This one gives a good and bad news. Bad news is one big airline will no longer be a thing. The good side is we might see narrow body jets in the green Cathay livery.

Hong Kong Express
This low-cost airline that Cathay just bought is said to remain safe for foreseeable future.

Staff Members
Tomorrow morning HKT, Cathay will be dismissing over 6000 staff members around the world. Over 5000 of which are Hong Kong based, 4000 of them are cabin crews. The remaining crews will get pay check cuts or payless holidays.

The group also states that they might consider further dismissals due to the unstable situation of the pandemic.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to discuss or send your condolences to Cathay Dragon down below.


It’s so sad! At least we might see Cathay Pacific narrowbodies. Also, can a TL3 move this from #real-world-aviation:spotting to #real-world-aviation?

That is a great idea

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I really had no idea that this was all happening. Thanks for informing me. For some reason it won’t let me change the topic. (I’m guessing due to the approval process) Anyways, great read!

TL3 can’t move posts to categories where staff approval in necessary, which #real-world-aviation is part of

@Sashaz55 @sqeezelemon Oh ok, so let’s wait for the mods to change

I am sad now as a Hong Kong resident :(

As a Hong Kong citizen, it is definitely a sad thing to see CX had to lay off a lot of employees in order to survive. CX was truly Hong Kong’s signature carrier. Btw OP if you have any sources supporting the statements you are suggested to do so, so people can refer to it directly :)

I believe it would save the entire corporation if HKG reopen transfers from international to mainland China. I think many people are tired of the high fares local airlines are setting since they dominate most of the international routes now in the pandemic.

Didn’t see any sources describing the abolishing of KA, do you have any sources?

The news says that will have a press conference tomorrow afternoon HKT

You will also need a source generally if you want them to move it to #real-world-aviation.

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I mean how are you aware of the abolishing of KA before the press con, I mean the news about laying off employees is everywhere, but I have no clue on that part of abolishing, so I want to know where did you get that.

Sorry if only English is allowed

Yep, even if its Chinese, I suggest you put that above too :). Maybe some translations are also preferred

To be honest I really hope the news messed up, but if it happens it happens

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Here’s an English source. It’s not official yet but look out for the news soon:

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Yeah actually, KA has a rich history and I have tried it several times before, certainly a good airline, I don’t want to see this brand disappear

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Another source

Flown on Cathay Dragon/Dragonair (whatever you want to call it, really) many many times in my time living in China. I’ve never had a bad flight with them and I am certain that if I got on a Cathay Dragon flight now, they are wonderful to fly on. That said it is a real shame that another airline goes under, but thankfully its more of a merger than complete shut down which would see Cathay Pacific carry the brand around the regional market.

Would be interested in spotting Cathay Pacific A320 and A321 in the future though.

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