Situation & Action [ CLOSED ]

Situation :
Pilot on low Fuel, requesting for a runway change . How should an ATC react to this call of a pilot ?

  • Allow the pilot to land on the requested runway
  • Deny the request and assign a diff heading
  • Reject the runway change request
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Lol. I saw the other topic btw.

It really depends. If it doesn’t cause too much disturbance i think the controller should let the change happen, but after all it’s a game.


You can vote . :)

I assume you’re talking about very low fuel reserve? If it’s an emergency, controllers will aim to work around the pilot and give every option possible to ensure a smooth arrival.

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I have.

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I can only hope to see that level of controlling on expert server :)

Sadly it isn’t, in recent days.

Some times controllers leave the frequency without even a broadcast message.


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Yeah, that was really frustrating.

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Unfortunately I have to agree. Recently for some reason the level of controlling is a lot worse compared to a few years ago.

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Who knows sooner IF may have the upper age limit of 13, given the way it has seen users in recent months .


The age limit for IFATC is already 14.

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Candy crush of Aviation.

That must be lower limit

If traffic permits and the controller can pull it off then yes.

There have been situations such as a while ago at a 1 runway airport, NZAA, that a pilot had such low fuel that atc made them land on the opposite side to get the pilot in quicker and not make them run out of fuel

But not all can understand and react in these situations …quickly …:)

Did ATC knew the exact amount of fuel remaining ? Like time and all ?

So the ATC over ruled ATIS information ?

Ideally it should be …still just asking

The IFATC team try’s their best. The low fuel scenario is all situational. Sometimes ATC may advise to divert or maybe the aircraft can be accommodated. In the end, we are all open to feedback.


I’m sure we’d all appreciate if you directly addressed the controller and/or appeals instead of making a topic that’s equivalent to subtweeting someone.


From where did it looked subtweeting ?

Iam sorry to say, but community should be open for critical discussions as well.

Not mentioning anyone here.

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You already know that you made a previous topic related to this. I believe you would get more out of your time by talking to that person than having this discussion with no definitive answer as to why it happened.