Sitting on runway for a long time


So I have found this as a pilot and as a ATC that sometimes a ATC might tell you to taxi onto the runway and hold position after a plane landed… But with that… Especially at airports like TNCM, TFFR… But when you hold position on runway you get the warning… And I BELIEVE, That you get a violation for sitting on the runway for to long… And as a ATC I feel bad because I gave them the command to taxi and hold on the runway

So what should I do the next time that this happens?
Not tell them to taxi on, or let them get the violation?

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Aircraft may sit on a Runway indefinitely with ATC permission.

The runway idle violation only comes into effect at uncontrolled airports or if you don’t have ATC permission to hold on the runway. And if you’re on a runway without permission you have bigger problems :P


They can?!? Okay! Thanks for the info