Sitting idle on expert server

Hi all
I recently set an alert on flight radar 24 to track a specific Qantas 737 over two days to see where it actually went, with the idea of recreating its routes over two days on infinite flight.
My plan was to end up in YMML tonight and sit idle until the morning but didn’t want to restart the app tomorrow because I would loose the map of where I’ve been today
I wouldn’t be asking this if it was on casual server but it’s on expert I didn’t think it though,
Should I be ok to sit at a gate at YMML until the morning or is there a chance of getting reported and ghosted

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You shouldn’t have any problem if you are sitting in a parking spot and not obstructing anything.

Good idea. Might have to try it some time :)

Just wanted to make sure.
It was actually pretty interesting to track where it went
But yes I’ll be in a proper gate out of the way haha
Mainly wanted to keep the app running so at the end of the two days I can see what it looks like on the map

Pretty interesting, show us how it adds up after 2 days. I’m sure it’s going to add up pretty well.

I will post a map of the end result

Ive done this method before where I was following Southwest flights around but I don’t have all the free time in the world so It’s always fun to be realistic like that and shouldn’t be an issue as any controller would see you were there first if someone did spawn inside of you.

Well I survived the night with no issues haha


This surely is one of the most real world lookalike flight here on IF. Nice! 😊

And here’s me, flying straight line flightplans in my KLM 737 somewhere in Australia or South America. Couldn’t be further from real world 🙄😁

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