sitting at gate

Is there anything that will happen to you if you are on expert server at an airport with IFATC and you are just sitting at the gate?

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You’ll be ghosted if you move with out their permission

but lets say you are just sitting there for 30 mins and you do nothing?

If you just sit there then there’s no issue I would imagine, thought I wouldn’t do it.

ok thank you

I’ve seen a few previous posts on this and consensus was that if you’re sat at a gate it’s cool. As long as you’re tuned into ATC they’ll just assume you’re still boarding/not yet ready to fly.


thank you very much :)

If it had not been that I’m grade 4 I would have tried to just leave my plane at a gate a whole day while I’m at school, but I don’t really want to lose my grade

Here you go

To go off of what they are saying. I’m an IFATC Officer and can confirm that under no circumstances will u be ghosted for standing still at a gate… i’ve been at gates for hours for me leaving to go run an errand etc. No need to worry :)


Thanks I was worried that you would

I thought better to keep frequency off or listen to ATIS. Because it’s one less flight strip on controller deck. If I am grey on taxi area I don’t think tower would assume I am overhead. In real life I think they still connected to ramp untill ready to request pushback.

Wouldn’t they just give you on guard warning repeatedly? ⚠️

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no… Unless it’s a TS1 controller who is impatient: but even still they can’t ghost so don’t worry

Oh good to know

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Not in expert server.

Thanks everyone a moderator can close :)

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