Sitka (PASI) Scenery Issue

I recently flew the beautiful flight from PAJN-PASI. Upon landing at Sitka, I noticed massive juts of land next to the airport

After looking on google earth I confirmed that this was an issue

Device: iPhone SE IOS 11.4

Unsuccessful Attempts at fixing:
-Opening and closing the app
-Clear Scenery Cache
-Restarting Device

Try to PM one of the Airport Editing Team members.

Okay, Is there a topic where I could find a list of them?

This isn’t an airport issue, it’s a problem with the actual IF terrain files.

Also confirmed.

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I was able to confirm. Thanks for the report.


Okay, thank you for letting me know, I assume there isn’t anything else I should do about this?

Nothing more :)

We have it located and added on the list.

Thanks for the report!

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Sounds good, thank you for the response

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