Sister Cities (ATC Idea)

Hey everyone!

I have an idea about ATC and sister cities.

There are so many sister cities in the world, and I was thinking that maybe we could have some sister city routes featured in ATC schedules. This can help us discover new routes and open the world, showing us the wonders hidden in IF.

In the future, maybe we’ll see some sister city flyouts if this goes well.

What do you all think about this idea?

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@VAnuj, this might be interesting for the TSATC team. Have a look!


IFATC doesn’t take direct suggestions from the community, however the schedules can be ‘influenced’ by events, and some real effort and inspiration put into some ideas. We’d love to see some events put together, and maybe Tyler might consider it! 😉

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Hope so! It would be great to fly something like Abu Dhabi-Minsk, or an experiment route, such as, San Francisco - Bangalore.

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Yes. I’m not a GA or military person (only GA when it comes to live cockpits and headphones at full volume in the Tbm or Xcub and maybe the new C172), but I think there does need to be more schedules like these across the world, we seem to be stuck to the UK (which I like) and New Zealand. Maybe America if your lucky.

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@azeeuwnl (Sorry, I thought you were TSATC; read TSATC as IFATC) and @Sashaz55,

What do you both think about this? Would you be open to incorporating it into TSATC? We can test it on TSATC, and if it goes well, maybe it can become a new feature to ATC scheduling.

It would be great to see this on IFATC as well, although the only person I know who is responsible for IFATC scheduling is @Tyler_Shelton (If you’re seeing this message, let me know what you think about this idea).

@azeeuwnl isn’t in TSATC 😂 he’s IFATC.

Maybe we could let me talk with the scheduling manager @VAnuj.

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oh shoot, sorry. I’ll edit it.

Alright, have a chat with @VAnuj. Thanks!

I just smacked my forehead very hard. You could’ve just edited his name out than putting more effort in. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂

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Both TSATC and IFATC planners plan every week their schedule. I believe any nice idea can serve as inspiration for the (week or FNF) planners and is therefore welcome. In the end it’s up to the planners to decide, if course.

Tip for @ran, add to your original post a nice overview of cities that have a relationship, and describe the nature of the relationship.

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Yep, neither am I GA or military person. More into commercial. Sister Cities would allow us to explore the corners of the world which we usually don’t. Usually we’re in Europe and Australia.

Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia (not Singapore, more like India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, etc) need more love.

That would be great!

I hope to see sister cities in the future. Let’s see what TSATC and IFATC think.

Sure @azeeuwnl, I’ll add a few cities…

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You’ll find Sri Lanka on this week’s schedule and can still find IFATC today all over Africa. 😬



I don’t mean today. I mean in general, there are many places which aren’t featured as much as Europe and U.S.

I personally would much rather fly in the US than anywhere else. They do it because of demand.

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I do track stats and activity based on what’s scheduled. Those common locations are featured more often simply because the attendance supports it.

That said, I’m on your side and still think the lesser-known airports offer far more. I’ll continue to work those in and introduce airports you all may not know. 🙂


Thanks @Tyler_Shelton! Looking forward to this!

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I feel like @Tyler_Shelton has been true to his word now… there has been more variation now.

I do hope to see a sister cities day or possibly an FNF, maybe with experimental routes as well, like maybe Minneapolis to Santiago, or San Francisco to Bengaluru (biased), Seattle to Reykjavik, Atlanta to Fukuoka or Taipei, etc.

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