Siri Voice Changeable

Last night I chose the British Siri voice in my iPhone so I waited until today for it to connect, and this happened


I can select and download any voice. Siri’s voice changes. IF’s voice does not!

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It takes time. It didn’t happen for me instantly either. Wait for a few hours, if nothing happens, wait until tomorrow :)

Sounds more like the Australian Siri voice.


I’ve waited days. Doesn’t work.

What does the hand icon mean?

You guys have so weird Siri voices lol

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It means you’ve been invited to a topic


I have don’t the same thing, just on my S5. I downloaded a British mans voice. Its almost like a real person is talking to me XD

I’ve set mine to the male voice months ago but it didn’t switch in IF. How did you do it?

The gender voices don’t work with IF for some reason

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Are you using an S5?

Nope, I have a IPhone 6

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