Siri Shortcuts Projects!

Since Apple has announced Siri Shortcuts we can easily make look a like apps to simplify a lot of things. We can do this for Infinite Flight as well. For example, you want to fly but you don't have a lot of time to plan a flight, just run one of these shortcuts. Here are some shortcuts:

Make sure you have downloaded the Siri Shortcuts app

Planning a flight

Get Route - made by @Mika
Updated version - including FlightAware!

Search METAR - made by @Mika

Charts for Airport - made by @Mika


Find TOD + VS - made by @Christopher_Cupid-Pa

TOD + VS - made by @DiamondGaming4

Will be expanded

Very Nicely Done. Thanks for your efforts.


How do you find your shortcuts that you made?

Just a little fantasy :)

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I noticed the rates of descent were a bit fast on the TOD calculation. Here’s my own version of it with a 2° descent (you were using 3° I believe). It also prompts the altitude of the airport and also calculates so that you are 25nm away from your destination and 10000ft above the airport altitude. Just some food for thought ;)

There’s a little bug in it… I’m going to fix it

What is it? 🤔

You didn’t had an option with ‘Enter Cruise Altitude Manually’ but when I press 40000 it says ‘Enter Cruise Altitude’. And ‘Mach Sprad’… so I fixed it :D

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@Mika is there a way to get the route off another website? Say Flightaware or even simbrief etc?

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Yes! I can do that later… it’s 12AM here


No rush lol! This is good stuff! Particularly cause I fly on my iPad and use my phone as my “EFB” so to speak


Hey man I like the update you added to my TOD + VS widget. I’m glad to see people are able to use this widget. If you would like to collaborate to create other widgets for infinite flight let me know. Also I was using 3° for the descent rate. Isn’t that usually the standard descent rate? @Mika the reason why 40,000 wasn’t on the menu is because it cannot fit on the widget page.


I usually use 2° for planes that are hard to slow down 🤷🏼‍♂️

Would anyone like to work on a project for calculating VSpeeds.

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Well, I primarily made it for my own uses, so that I can quickly make those calculations and Ron’s them in my head. I’ll work on it tomorrow maybe.

I can’t make one with SimBrief, as it’s a php site

You know what would be a good widget? A widget that shows you the gate you’re supposed to be parked at and the arrival gate if you’re simulating a real flight.

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FlightAware has that! That’s why I added it :D

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Is it like flightradar24?

FlightAware has all info about the flight like route, average speed etc. and FlightRadar24 shows the ‘small’ info.