Siri Shortcuts for Infinite Flight

I’ve been working on a whole bunch of Siri Shortcuts for Infinite Flight users - many using the Live API. I was hoping I could go ahead and start a single thread to keep you updated.

First up is an extremely simple utility that grabs waypoint identifiers as a space-delimited list right from the share sheet in Infinite Flight. (When sharing .fpl files.)

.fpl Route Extractor


Flights Data Jar

Store all available server-side flight history data locally in JSON format.

This one is designed to systematically query the Live API for all available data for each flight in one’s flight history (which ultimately results in an overview, a set of flight plan details, and a set of flight route details.)

Out of the box, it uses a (free, frugal, and very useful) app called Data Jar to store said data in JSON format.

Note: At the moment, running this shortcut often is going to result in a lot of redundant queries. I’ve been doing so once every two weeks.

Infinite Flight Launcher

Set an ideal device configuration, prepare IFAssistant and IFOperations for flight.

Infinite Flight Launcher - Showcuts

This shortcut is intended to automate the process of preparing one’s device configuration and assistant apps for flight in Infinite Flight.

At installation, you will be asked to optionally specify the Focus Mode you’d like to be activated before flight.

Here are the steps taken by default, in chronological order:

  1. WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities are set ON
  2. Screen brightness is set to 100%
  3. If specified, your chosen focus mode is activated
  4. IFAssistant and IFOperations are launched in Split Screen
  5. A Set Playback Destination dialogue will prompt you to select an audio device for output (in case you have headphones/speakers connected.)
  6. Orientation lock is set to ON
  7. If the device is not currently connected to power, a notification will be shown and a “minimums” TCAS warning will sound
  8. Infinite Flight is opened

I personally have it installed on my home screen with an alternate (but still identifiable) icon, but there are several other methods of running it from elsewhere including:

Video Demo

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HTML Webpages for IFOperations Data

I’ve configured a shortcut for myself that turns IFOperations data into an HTML webpage, which it then uploads to my tildeverse site.

As it stands, it’s quite highly personalized to myself, but if anyone is interested, I’d be glad to develop a more shareable version.