Siri Pronunciation Errors

Note: with clarification I may move this to general, if proven unchangeable to anyone but Apple employees.

iOS 9.3.1’s pronunciation of airport names is terrible. Most noticeable in places like Bournemouth, wich the ATC pronounced as “Bwern-err-moo-th” (should be “Born-mouth/moth/muth”). Also stressing a on the ham in “Birmingham”, when it’s pronounced “Birming-um”. These small things really bug me, and detract the reality of the sim. A fix would be appreciated.


This is a known problem. Sorry do not know how to solve :(

I would definitely like this to be fixed.


Instead of Push-bash, she says Pusch-back. Now, that word is stuck in my head, and when I try to say it correctly, I can’t! (Always say it the incorrect way)

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Unfortunately Siri is baked into iOS so only Apple can correct the pronunciation issues.

Not much anybody can do about how Siri behaves, except maybe Apple.