Siri interpreting text wrong on ATIS

I created a ATIS last night in KSAN and had one of my friends listen to it and it was continuous like youtypedlikethis with no pause and had another person tell me the same. This is exactly what was written in the ATIS. San Diego international winds at 0 knots 10 statute mile visibility few at 015 broken at 200 A2994 runway 27 in use pattern work accepted right traffic

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Well, that’s not a bug. That’s your device’s TTS saying exactly what you typed. If you don’t use commas or periods, there won’t be a pause. It will sound like you’resayingeverythingwithoutspacesinbetween. Here’s your fixed ATIS:

San Diego Information Alpha. Wind calm. Visibility: 10 statute miles. Sky: few at 1,500, broken at 20,000. Altimeter 2 9er 9er 4. Runway 27 in use for departures, arrivals, and pattern work.

You have to assume your device is dumb. TTS doesn’t know what ATIS is or how to interpret it. A2994 will not be read out as “Altimeter 2 9er 9er 4”, and 200 will be read as “two hundred” instead of “Twenty thousand” or “Flight Level 200”.

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Thanks Sean I will treat her as a nimrod as she is most the time :)

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You up to try it again with what Sean said later?