Sir_Baller's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @N/A

In March, I want to apply for IFATC, but with school starting, I won’t be playing IF nearly as much as I do now. With that being said, I thought I would get in some practice.
This is a thread for you to give me feedback, so I expect you to be Brutally Honest with any feedback.

Departure open

Departure is now Closed

Top tip: Only control Tower and Ground when practicing on Training Server. Practicing Radar is useless for now. Once you in IFATC and a good experience, you can start training for Radar.

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Ground and Tower open.

Come on down to New Orleans!

In Atlanta now, ground and tower.

Come on down

Open at KMSY

Reply if you are coming

Hey! I can’t come now, but I’ll be watching this topic for the next time you’re open. Sorry you aren’t getting much activity.

I’m open! Come on down to New Orleans!

Why is this in general?

@KennedyTurner you can post a new thread if you are going to be active again. Unfortunately topics aren’t editable after a certain period of time (60 days). Make sure you post in #atc ;)

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