Sint Maarten Princess Julianna Approach Pics

You know how when you’re flying into Princess Julianna and while on final into Runway 10 you pass over Maho Beach in real life? Well, I’m gonna show you about how that approach looks like, on a satellite map, a picture of me on final in Infinite Flight in a Boeing 757-200 Delta liverly, (real aircraft and airline that flies into Princess Julianna from JFK), and a real approach of a Boeing 757-200 Delta liverly that might not have originated in JFK, but is a 757-200.

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They got the road in IF :)

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They changed it in the update?

Are u on android

Me? I am on both

I thought it was a fence/gate thing :o

Yeah, that’s Delta 461 which arrives at SXM around midday.

Now let’s talk about your approach…
• If you check some cockpit landing videos at St Maarten, you would notice that they pass every waypoint and then make a light left turn to the runway before reaching the VOR (you can see it in the bottom right corner of your third pic). You seem to be too far right.
• Having SPD and HDG on on final isn’t very realistic…
• The elevators are in the down position, looks like a very scary approach.
• Setting the (parking) brakes before touching the ground let the nose wheel slam the ground even more.


The elevators were in the down position because when I took the picture, I was not in the HUD, and always when I’m not in the HUD on final, I can’t keep control of how far I’m manually descending, and I will crash. That was just an example picture, not meant to be a perfect landing.