Sint Maarten flyout!



  • No trolling
  • Follow all ATC instructions
  • Follow METAR if not ATC if present
  • I am not responsible for any violations you may receive
  • Have Fun!

The Caribbean is a place where you can sit back and relax and enjoy life. One of the most popular destination in the Caribbean is Sint Maarten! A small island with a lot of people and tourists. The airport is home to one of the most famous airports in the entire world, Princess Juliana International Airport. The airport is right next to the famous Maho Beach, where planes approach at very low altitudes and where people get blown away by jet blasts! The island will be the perfect spot for this event. Can’t wait to see you there.

Server: Expert

Airport: TNCM

Time: 2024-07-30T16:30:00Z2024-07-30T17:30:00Z

Ground: @TheBest
Tower: @TheBest
ATIS: @TheBest


Main Terminal (FULL)
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Pilot
B05 737-800 American Miami @NonStopsAviation
B04 A321 Spirit Fort Lauderdale @Random_AviatorYT
B03 737-700 United Washington Dulles @deltaoutofdca
B02 A321 JetBlue New York (JFK) @FlyWithDanilo
B01 737-800 WestJet Toronto @Icey
A01 A330 Air Transat Montreal @United403
A02 A330 Air france Paris @CedricFlys
A03 747 KLM Amsterdam @Prestoni
A04 747 KLM Amsterdam @KSATplane_spotter
GA Stands
Gate aircraft Airline destination pilot
C01 Crj200 Air Century (Generic) Santo Domingo @a5b6d28383
C02 Crj200 Air Century (Generic) Santo Domingo
C03 Crj200 Air Century (Generic) Punta Cana
C04 TBM930 Any Antigua
C05 TBM930 Any Pointe A Pitre
C06 TBM930 Any St Eustatius
C07 TBM930 Any The Valley
C08 E175 (Tulip) Private Key West @MAviationYT
C09 E175 (Tulip) Private Key West @Olivia12
C10 CL35 Any Aspen @RedWolf
C11 A318 Private Havana @arlin1
C12 A318 Private San Juan @CubanTwins
E01 A318 Private Tampa @whyevenbothernaming
E02 C208 Air Caraibes St Barthelemy
E03 C208 Air Caraibes San Juan
E04 CL35 Any Nassau @Oklahoma1
E05 C208 Private 1 Pointe A Pitre
E06 C172 Embry Riddle Saba
E07 C172 Default Saba
E08 SR22 Brown and white Saba
E09 SR22 Red and White Saba

SPONSORS: @Oklahoma1


Hey there!

This looks like a great event, however as per the Events category rules - the event must be no more than 60 days from being posted here - August 10th is 68 days away.

You can either change the date or postpone posting for a few more days :)

FYI, 60 days away is currently August 2nd.

Edit: I see you’ve changed the date to July 30th - great!

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I can change the date. Thanks for the reminder

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I’ll take the 747

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I’ll take this but Air Transat to Montreal Trudeau

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Ok then. All good

Same as United plz

Does it matter which gate

I put you at A03 @Prestoni


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I’ll take this but to San Juan

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Well ahhhhhhhh.

Changed to San Juan

Can I take this one?

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Yes you can

Can i take; B02 A321 JetBlue New York (JFK) please ? 😍

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Great choice

May I take this one?

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I could’ve sworn we had one not long ago😭

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