Sinking underground as soon as I spawn. (Solo)

So I just downloaded the update and spawned into solo mode to do some training and I keep sinking and going into negative altitude and my aircraft keeps becomming tinier. This is solo mode with all settings on medium and anti alising off and limit frame rate on.
Device used Samsung S6. Screenshot_2017-10-14-22-42-28

Have you tried reinstalling Infinite Flight or Restarting your device?

I have experienced the same problem.

People have said before that it’s because your terrain may be corrupt. A reinstall is suggested

Yep I did the basic’s!

Ill try reinstalling it again.

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Delete the app and reinstall. Let us know if that fixes the issue for you.

This is a solution from a topic with a issue similar to yours, give it a try.


Reinstalling works wonders!!! I guess its a hit or miss when u download the game lol

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