Sinking through the ground on landing

Today I tried landing at EGKK after a 14hr30m flight from PHNL, and whenever I touched down, I sank through the ground. It seemed like the physical ground was about 15 feet below the ground that I could see, since I was able to activate reverse thrusters. I went around the first time and it happened on both touchdowns.

This has never happened to me before. If this is related, this is the first time I’m flying the 767 since the global update. I don’t think it’s corrupt files because everything has been running smoothly so far.

Device: iPad Air 2
IF Version: IF 17.12.2
OS: iOS 11.2.5

Flight info:
Aircraft: Hawaiian 767-300
Callsign: Hawaiian 1 4 8 heavy
Flighttime: 14h30m

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I guess it’s highly likely that this happened due to Corrupt files as I have never experienced this issue whenever I come to Gatwick after Global (Which means, it isn’t Airport Editing Issue) As this issue sounds similar to the issue that me and some users here have experienced, aka the sinkhole while taxiing or spawning.

Unfortunately there are nothing we can do other than refreshing the app and reinstall it. Hopefully the developers can push a fix for this bug in the future


Oh alright. Thanks a lot, I just thought it seemed strange as this is the first time it happened.

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